Deanna Brown & Hannah Karp Opening Speech | Women in Music

– Hello. – [Audience Member] Hey. – Hey? (clapping) Hey guys. Welcome to Billboard’s Women in Music. We’re so excited about tonight and grateful to have you
all here to celebrate. We have a range of performances from some of the best
artists in the business while recognizing a group of diverse and really powerful women, who have fundamentally changed and shaped the music industry. It’s fitting that this would
be the stand out year for us because it’s been a stand out
year for Billboard as well. This year for the first
time in Billboards history, the brand has a female president and a female editorial director. (applause and cheering) I’m also so proud of the perspective and focus that Hannah
and her team have brought to this organization
and to the publication and to the brand. This has been a year of taking
stock, pushing boundaries and making Billboard an
integral part of the industry. I wanna, I get the honor
of thanking our sponsors, including our presenting
sponsor, YouTube Music. (applause) We’re really excited
about the live streaming and incredible show you’re about to see. I’d also like to thank the other sponsors, our friends at Honda, American Express, Bumble Bizz, Patron, Live Nation, Women Nation,
(applause) Figi And JNSQ, for their support. (applause) Hannah… – Before I introduce tonight’s host, I wanted to salute the 18 people on The Recording Academy’s task force. Many of whom are in this room tonight. For a whole year, these
dedicated individuals, invested serious time and effort studying how to bring
much needed diversity and inclusion to the music industry. And today they were
finally able to publish their strategic recommendations. The problems that they
discovered were not pretty. But making their report public was a really important first step and kudos to the Academy’s
new CEO, Deb Dugan, (applause) who’s leading the charge to address the task forces findings.

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