Darkthrone – Fenriz on drum sound (english subtitles)

QUALITY SOUND Only jesting. If you only knew. Hello! As far as I’m concerned,
there was no bad drum sound quality- -in the 70s. Contemporary drum sound
began with gating the snare drum. Usually it sounds like: Or… It’s not supposed to sound like: We’ve named it “stadium-rock”. They managed without that crap
in the 70s. Photoshop bugs me.
This is a record from around 1981. Look how messy that is.
And that was before Photoshop. No one does mess like that now. It sounded like… This is how the bass drum sounds. It’s painful!
It hurts when people don’t get it. It’s like morons coming to a party.
It makes you want to leave. Excellent. Here we go… No Photoshop on this one. Look at it!
Do you recognize the lines? He got famous later for
his designs for Metallica. It’s best to live in a nice building
and have your view be an ugly one. This one is wicked. This inspired the mascot
on our last three albums. It’s from Canada, recorded in 1986. Its bass drum sound is killer. The guitars play continuously, so
every time the bass and snare drum… There’s a lot of bass
in the snare drum as well. It’s like the drums make dents
in the guitar sound. Like this… Everything shakes.
It makes a brutal and nice sound. There. -Hi.
-Hello. Pink Floyd.
Fantastic bass drum, actually. Loads of people
could learn from them. Cutting straight across without
looking, asking for a spanking. There’s one rhythm that
metalpeople should avoid. But the temptation is great. And then someone
plays this on the ride… This is while
the bass and snare drum goes… And then they play…. I’ve done it too in the studio. What does that do?
You put Hello Kitty into your sound- -when you play that. It’s atrocious. But a shitload of people do it.
Some people never learn. It doesn’t exactly make it hard. Oh, difficult. Let’s see… There. In the 80s, the big thing was- -to copy the feel of the stadium
on each and every album. They always had this…
And gating the snare drum. Shit sped up in metal after a while. The drummer works his ass off
and plays complicated stuff. “Everything I do on the drums
has to be heard.” No one wanted
to take one for the team. “If you still want bass in your bass
drum, you’ll only hear rumbling.” “Remove the bass in the bass drum,
then you’ll just hear clicking!” Oh, no. That’s when
it started to go downhill. It started in 1986 – 1987
and then just snowballed. I hate that. With a vengeance. There’s nothing I hate more. Just put bass in the bass drum,
don’t be a fucking idiot. Subtitles – GURI FODSTAD KRISTIANSEN

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  1. I am seeing a lot of similarities between this guy and the characters in the Viking series. Are Scandinavians just pussy versions of vikings?

  2. As a drummer I couldn't agree with him more. I can only take so much of the extremely fast, triggered to death, machine gun sounding kick drums. There's not much musicality in it after a while. Metal drumming has become a contest to see who can go the fastest–in every fucking song! Also, I'm guilty of doing the hello kitty so theres that, too. lmao

  3. the whole hello kitty drums theory…?! Off course the drummer needs to keep a contancy with the cymbals , no morse-coding. It's a total punk drum rhythm who is used all the time by bands like Agathocles & Impetigo. Fenriz doesn't seem to like the taste of grind. By the way, Under a funeral moon is my favourite darkthrone record exactly for those reasons.

  4. fenriz vs. samus palocelli then…. (he triggers almost everything on his drumset)… soo… darkthrone production vs fart-blasts

  5. I know he's Norwegian but is he speaking his language or Swedish? Are the Norwegian and Swedish languages that alike? I ask this because danish is so much different (sounds a lot like dutch in my opinion).
    Also, Gylve has to be one of the greatest musicologists alive.

  6. Talkin all that shit about stadium rock drums with a Scorpions patch on his jacket, lol. Whatever man its Fenriz he dont owe anyone shit.

  7. Well. I can see where being a bass pedal traditionalist comes from but it's hard as hell to make your sound clear at all if you're recording metal, and you really want those kicks to stick out or they'll muddy the overall sound, and you're going to have to go for the clicky settings more or less.

  8. Death to the fad of metal!!!! Death to Fenriz!!!!!!!! Darkthorne now is fashion and your song is commercial and light!!!!!!!!!

  9. My friend is probably at home watching a Shawn Mendes video at this very moment and I'm huddled up in my bedroom dedicating my existence to a particular man with long hair and a beard who plays drums and is really bubbly and happy…….and did I say I love his band's music?

  10. "Aria" patch on his jacket makes me smile like an idiot)) so great man, ̶g̶o̶d̶ bless u Fenriz ^_^

  11. I see now why Fenriz had to be drunk about the other people, because he does not have all this energy then.

  12. Jajajajaja y quien va a pensar qe este agradable muchacho es uno de los grandes iconos del metal mundial

  13. Glad to see that he uses a technics for listening. He is probabrbly also a goo underground DJ on norwegian techno parties. He seems to be very educated. Nice

  14. Great commentary by Fenriz, I still like the idea of the bass drum really having the bass remain in it, yet I still like gated reverb for some atmosphere.

  15. Joder con el frio que hace y con una simple camiseta y la chaqueta de cuero y encima la vaquera!¡

  16. He wears only a tshirt and a jacket while it’s snowing outside?

    By the way, his street looks like a Sovietic ghetto.

  17. Hhahaha great video, Fenriz is funny and a nice bloke, maybe a bit blunt/closed-minded in some things. I like it when drummers do that (and I myself as a drummer do it), the ride cymbal di din di din playing is fun.

  18. So metal should be this and that….Hes much focused on whay metal should not be. Well that is fine and well, but i think metal can stretch to any direction. Building the mainstream always makes the marginal identity stronger, so what's the problem?

  19. Fenriz´jean jacket with all that old school patches. I see even Violent Force and Savage Grace, that´s really some very underground stuff! And Kreator´s Endless Pain on the bak. He really praises the real old school music and doesn´t hide the inspiration by these bands, unlike some black metal musicians who try to pretend, their BM is the inly true music.

  20. Does anybody know the red and white patch on his jacket? Top middle. It looks like the Franken flag (an area in Bavaria where I am from)

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