Custom Radio Stations: GTA 5 PC MODS (GRAND THEFT AUTO V)

yo guys what is up random games here okay guys today I'm gonna be showing you a cool small mod it's the radio station mod online custom radio station mod so basically it lets you play your custom radio which you can find on the internet by providing the mod with the smaller URL file okay let me just show you so you press tab and X let go and there you have your radio list you can add favorites play pause stop and you can adjust the volume you volume let me just adjust it before I start it and show you look at this radio list and here I have our games radio that's our game is my channel name so you won't think I'm bullshitting let me just show you see that is a custom radio from my country and I just added it via the URL file okay let me just show you how to do it okay guys so what you wanna do is here is the mod so you extract it let me just show you you open it you have here internet radio and the files whatever you copy them go to gea your root folder to scripts and then just copy/paste everything right here so you have you need to have these three files now when you go the first time in game it will create automatically this radio stations dot ini' if you open it you can see you have all these emotion radio wave and our games radio what I have been showing you see this is the link which I provided until here so you have to get this link exactly so it has to stop with m3u or mp3 so you type the name I can leave it just our games for example you do that symbol over there I don't know what it's called bucket and then you paste the link after that save it and you're good to go you go in game and as I was showing you you start your radio well okay guys hope you enjoyed it see ya guys

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  1. Could you help me? I'm a tad confused on how to get the links. Like I want Absolute Radio 80s, how would I get that link?

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