Connecting Through Music: captioned only

rolex performances very much what the name suggests it's relaxed it means that people that might find it uncomfortable going to the concert hall with the perceived or other art wise with structures around how you behave can come to these performances and simply enjoy the music they can stand up oconee me around let me make noises they can go and go to a quiet space so the chamber music New Zealand our vision is really to offer beautiful music high quality music to all New Zealanders it's about an opportunity for our students to do something that they would never otherwise have the opportunity to do we don't often get to go to concerts to various things in the community because of maybe extra sound that might happen when our students are there the need for them to move there are from Louisiana they have sensory needs so they're unable to sit still or so kind and this is an opportunity for them to get to engage with other people and experiences that most people in the community get to have that they don't so do you remember this guy called Charlie it was a great time what can we do that's the easiest thing for us all to feel connected make some music together so simple from a music therapist perspective the leader the preparation time the work shopping was where the great benefit was as a therapist processes is waters about so having such a long process with people especially Julian who are just so welcoming of all the things that our students were able to bring all the different musical interactions that happened and the ideas they gave out he just took it all work with it all and for me it was the interaction it was the social development second workshop I did somehow it got into a trance-like situation but it kind of gone to the sort of special feeling we're it was just so much fun to play it was great communicating and bouncing off Julian's ideas and we forget what's going on in this today you forget that you know you've got to be a meeting in an hour and also it's just you in into this great space and I know and you know as musicians we don't know why that happens sometimes we were a concept just feel so especially me come off just with a buzz you know excited sort of feeling net certainly happened I was really like wow I was not expecting that to happen and I think that can really also only happen when you are in that war relaxed environment no people are judging and that's maybe what the students bring to us as a performer they aren't judging us on how good we are or if we're as good a guitarist or similar or saxophone player and whoever they may have seen somewhere else they're just on the experience they're just enjoying them we are sharing and they're sharing with us so that relationship between the whole group is really real we don't get that as a performer very often so I thought that was very special so we're trying to offer an alternative experience for people that find it really challenging to sit quietly in a concert I think a lot of our parents do worry about integrating the their children special needs into society and and they often have to do an awful lot of thinking around going anywhere it becomes almost overpoweringly it becomes a chore and that's something that we really want to take away the parents know that they can come along it's often at a time of day which suits everybody they can relax it's really great to see an organization here in New Zealand that celebrates music at its highest quality but also look at how we can really celebrate involving everyone music I think adds to the quality of life in individual this this was a good chance to bring music to a different group of individuals so they can experience live music and react to their it was the first time this project that we introduced drumming as a major element and because they were sort of was working with some teenagers and I thought that would really be any an attractive element when you're working with music other things don't seem to matter language disability or different abilities that they're not really factors that get in the way of making music what you do is you adapt your music so the group that you have will you this project has been a really exciting chance for me to get to work with other people in the community again and this was a chance to support the students in the school and to introduce them to something new and see the joy for the new experiences but to also have that for myself so to actually just be able to enjoy the music enjoy the music making with in a big group because that's what it was about was bringing everybody together and while I was in there I was doing my bit to support the students all the staff were but we were also participants in it it is a real development opportunity for our musicians they have really invested in this by the end of it they are really quite moved and they want to do more of this kind of work it's a bit of a dance or a chance it was a chance to just do my thing and perhaps a little bit less stressed environment where I could relax and just and just make music which is really what a position should be doing anyways making music for enjoyment another's the musicians really feel invested in it as well and they often say that it's something they have never experienced with other audiences and they would love to do more the performance itself is something for our students to really look forward to it's something very exciting it's something new it's something different and it's the chance for the appearance and their families in the community to come in and be involved and to see them doing something different bastard I really this was an opportunity for our wider school community to actually come together in a way that had never happened for our school before it was such a positive and exciting situation everyone was involved and active and it just it's really enhanced the sense of school community it was a reminder to me of the importance of music we've sort of got quite sir former new years ago check musical concerts they were in a social outing and by doing concerts that are more accessible I think everyone could enjoy classical music more after the concert that buzz didn't go for weeks some of the feedback you know it's just lovely brings tears to my eyes how they say that they've never seen me the child reacted the way they have when the music starts playing the workshops that the you're the main part of this process fairly and then the concert happens as I thought as a combination the workshops are very much about making music really important and the way people engage with each other and there was that there was a huge feeling of excitement than really relishing this idea of a whole community coming together to play music just like you would in an African village or somewhere and you know similar where where music is part of our culture the lips off of me was rewarding because you really felt connected with the students and you could really see the delight and the enjoyment that they were experiencing I think perhaps there was because the workshops are in their environment even though this wasn't a therapy project there were definitely therapeutic benefits to it we saw things that we didn't realize what happened and interactions that we didn't expect people talking about music is universal language I like to use the phrase it's a universal human activity music speaks we would count it has a sort of heightened emotional kind of connection with people

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