Carmilla | S2 E32 “Radio Letter”

[Love Will Have Its Sacrifices opening theme] [Shrieking. Roaring. Tearing. Crunching. Not so useless anymore, eh?] Carmilla… What does she think she’s doing? The technical term is “mauling.” She’s headed for the crater. She’s going to drink the godsblood. She not going to make it. Look they’re driving her back. She will make it eventually. Question is, who will she come after if she does? The Baron? Or us? How weird is it that we’re back to wondering whether Carmilla wants to save you or kill you again? LaFontaine, don’t- Don’t what, point out that Laura’s been lying around in the siege pining after her vampire lover? I am not. You totally are. You’re the piniest pine who ever pined. [SNN Intro theme, the Under Siege edition] So, it has been brought to my attention that there has been some- moping. And lying around feeling guilty. Which even if completely justified- does not help anything. And so- Silas University, welcome to La Resistance! Our top story? Lord Vordie-mort is lying to you. In addition to the ongoing arrests of any non-human students- and attempting to break into this building with battering rams to muzzle the free press- we are also receiving reports that Vordenberg’s goons are chopping down trees in the Tief Urwald in their hunt for Carmilla- who today made another bid for the Lustig In other news… Nothing! Nothing on Vordenberg, nothing on Corvae, nothing on the Seven Gates except for the fact people believe there’s an entrance to hell in Southern Pennsylvania, which so does not help us in Austria. How are we supposed to make a plan to save ourselves with nothing? Hey- What about the minutes of the Board Meetings in 1904? 1904? As in “That-time-the-campusburned- down” 1904? Yeah. Well what’s in them? Roll call. Ah, Belmonde. The Baron’s- Dad? Uh, the Hasturmenchen- who seem to be some kind of evil monks? Um, that Owl lady doing her prescient and unnerving schtick. Vordenberg Senior talking about a fishing trip… Here- it looks like some students noticed the pattern of missing girls and rioted… I wonder if J.P. remembers that? Jeep was still trapped in the library catalogue which in 1904 was handwritten. He says it was a dark time. Oh, this is interesting. It looks like the Dean put forward a motion to try to kill the Anglerfish. What? And the Board overruled her. They didn’t want to risk it. That makes no sense- The Dean was down with
the fish love. Not all, “we going to need a bigger boat.” Well, maybe she was only sacrificing people to keep the Beast asleep… because the Board wouldn’t let her kill it. Well, it is a little weird that the Dean wanted the Fish dead, and now it is dead. Hey. If the Dean was fighting the Board- maybe that’s why Mattie had all the files on how to kill the other Board Members? You’re a genius. I’d agree, but why am I a genius today? Because somewhere in these files is a way to stop Vordenberg. See that subscribe button? You should click it.
[Love Will Have Its Sacrifices end theme]

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  1. взгляд Лоры перед первым выпуском новостей…
    Элиз теперь юзает коронный удивленный взгляд Наташи?! Эм… они точно лишь подруги?!

  2. Hey, long time watcher, first time commenter….Carmilla, you are awesome! You've inspired me to start my own vlog! My friend films me as we go on adventures and I rant about all things related to my teenage life. Help a sister out and take a look!! xoxo –


  4. okay I get that Laura screwed everything up but I feel like Camilla is a hypocrite because he sister trusted and she told Laura how to kill her if she cared so much about her but then again I want her to riot Whe list everything so I wouldn't blame her

  5. Okay so I kinda just realized that at 1:36 it says "No pining Silas!" and I laughed and then cried because I too am pining for Hollstein. I feel you Laura

  6. "You're the piniest pine who ever pined."
    If I didn't watch Gravity Falls, this line couldn't have been that funny to me.

  7. After knowing what happens in this season, watching this back and looking at Perry's face when the dean is mentioned.. I mean look at her.. It's so obvious now that I know

  8. Me yesterday watching season 1; thanks so much AmandaChronicles for making that video with them and getting me to watch this show…. now watching season 2; why Amanda! Whyyyyy I have fangirled and cried for this show and it's toying with my heart what have u gotten me into😭. Continues to season 3 can't wait!

  9. I used to think of carmilla turning into a panther or something from now on i'm just going to imagin a huge upset pussycat

  10. No kidding that Paula is the piniest piner who ever pined.
    You could get enough turpentine to strip the paint from every house in Poughkeepsie out of her.

  11. I'm sorry but I hated when Danny told lafeontain to stop like bish u don't even know lafe don't be talking to them like that

  12. u know wat gets me at this point Carmilla is convinced that laura cant love a monster but is Laura grossed out no she watches Carmilla maul people with a pout cause she misses her vampire grrr at this point I'm not sure who is frustrating me more

  13. Wait, what exactly did they just figure out? Maybe I shouldn’t watch Carmilla at night. I can’t stop thooouuugh…

  14. Was that a directing leakage I heard? Similar voice saying lightning in the movie bts, and I typed this like I don't know who the director is, lol.

  15. So has the campus been in Austria the whole time? I thought they were in Canada because of their accents

  16. Carmilla: literally murders a bunch of innocent people
    This fandom: YASSSS QUEEN!
    Danny: does what she can to support her friends, and wants Carmilla to not murder people
    This fandom: FUCK HER!

  17. I'm 68 episodes into this show, and I just wanna know,
    What is this school
    Why are they in Austria
    Why am I watching it
    Why isn't Danny dead
    Why is Laura the victim when on every single instance Carmilla was right

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