39 Replies to “Capturing Good Sound Effects (ft. Mystery Guitar Man)”

  1. This really helped me to understand the importance of sound Thank You ! 😀

  2. yes, room tone is soooo important.  I do microphone videos and even just had a video with other video creators saying what microphones they use/want to use.  That video includes Joe Nation.

  3. This was very helpful for me because I do a lot music and my sounds is very bad! this help a lot for me. I did have the money to get what I need when it comes to my sounds, but I am working on getting it right. thank you a lot.

  4. Great Video! I liked how specific and easy to follow it was. Thanks for your tips and strategies! I'll be taking room tone from now on!

  5. beautifully said Joe, perfect advice for audio! i like the idea of having 2 mics on different channels and also recording the bg noises of 2 actors from different locations and overlaying them to sell the idea they are in the same place. Obrigado! シ

  6. Audacity does a great job of removing unwanted background noise. I get unwanted road traffic noise getting recorded which comes into my study also the cooling fan of the workstation gets recorded as well. I don't speak while the unwanted noise is happening which is what Joe referring to with regards to room tone. Easy to remove. Just use the noise reduction effect in Audacity and get a noise profile of the unwanted noise and then apply noise reduction to the whole track.

  7. Sound production in my videos has been the most frustrating part of my post production phase. Thanks to you, now I have the tips to improve on them. Thank you so much and great video.

  8. Muy importante esta recomendacion sobre sonido y el ruido, Yo grabe sobre una ciudad Barcelona y utilice el microfono de manos libres y mi celular con una aplicacion patra grabar sonido, Como estaba empezando y no tengo equipo profesional me la igenie con el editor y mescle quedo espectacular,

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