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My spirit animal is… We have to identify animals by their sounds in this quiz. These questions are giving me existential crisis. Earlier I was the judge, but now I am being judged by them. Have you ever seen a Mongoose? If you didn’t make animal noises as a kid, were you really a kid? I used to find the sound crows made the most annoying because of this saying.. “If a crow sits and makes some sounds on the terrace it means relatives are going to come.” What can be worse than relatives coming to your house? I think, I know which animal this is. This isn’t a sound of an animal or bird. It sounds like a person is puking due to drinking too much alcohol. This is an outdoor animal. If a pet is this loud in the house then everyone will get upset. It’s not a big animal, but it’s not a small animal. So, it’s a medium sized animal because it is a medium sized noise. This sounds like a cow that has a throat infection and needs Vicks so it is sounding like a dog. This is neither a cow nor a dog. Do we get any options? It is either an elephant or a giraffe. Sometimes cats make really weird sounds based on the situation. So this might be a cat. Fox. Wild cat.
I will go with giraffe.
Is it giraffe? For some reason, I thought that giraffes don’t speak. Never really had a conversation with them because of the height issue. They look down upon me. I was right? Was that sound made by a giraffe? Oh bro!
That was a guess. My first guess for the quiz is correct. Bro, we have all heard this bird. But I don’t know which bird it is. All the birds sound like this.It’s a pigeon. It’s a peacock. It’s peacock, right? This is our national bird. Peacock. I’ll say koel. Peacock. Dude. Shit. F**k(x3). This is not an animal. It is a motorcycle. (Motorcycle sound) This sounds like my dad snoring at night. Lion. Do leopard and tiger sound different? It’s one out of the three. Let’s go with lion. I think it’s a tiger. Lion. This is lion. Lion. How? How do you differentiate the sounds made by a tiger and a lion? 90% people cannot tell the difference. The rest 10% are working with Discovery. This sounds like a solo from a realy bad trumpet player. This sound is from the show ‘Tarak mehta’. It comes whenever Dr. Hathi is walking.
This sound is of an elephant. This is a dinosaur. Elephant. Elephant. This is an elephant. I think these are elephants. Thank god. Finally one easy one. You only said animal. You never told me that the animals that are extinct are not part of this quiz. Hear this again. It sounds like a jammed bathroom door during monsoon. I don’t know. Why would I remember animal sounds when I can’t even understand what people are saying. What is this animal trying to say? It is trying to say something. It is like a toddler who has just learnt one word. (Toddler sounds) This is a kingfisher bird. I just said it because I want to show that I know such animals too. Kingfisher. I don’t know man. This, I am going to get wrong. This is going to be some kind of deer. I have a feeling that you guys are trying to trick me by modifying the simple sounds. So, I will take a guess. Dog. Deer. Let’s go with Rhino. This sound is made by a Rhinoceros? That big a** with a f**k off horn. Oh. I am not upset because of the wrong answer. I am upset because my guess was wrong. Why can’t you ask easy questions? Who knows the sounds made by these animals? This sounds like an elephant that took Jazz lessons. This animal is also sounding like a donkey. This animal sounds like Kanishk if you listen to him for half an hour. So my answer is Kanishk. Platypus. Pass. What is this? I don’t know.(x2) I’ll just pass. Is it penguin? Oh. It’s okay, bro. I live in India so if I don’t know this sound then it’s fine. I am happy. It is really useless. All these sounds are reminding me of my life. This sounds like siblings fighting with each other. (Sounds) This is an animal that you will find in your community. This is me shouting when I used to break my nail and my mom used to apply cream. (Shouting) Chimpanzee. Ostrich. These are monkey noises. This is a crow. Monkey. I don’t know why I kept thinking it is a bird. I didn’t even think of a monkey. You should watch the Discovery channel. This was like a surprise test for a subject that I have never studied. Even then I got 2 out of 7. I am really happy. The fact that we were not able to identify all the sounds made by animals shows that animals are disappearing from the cities. That’s why. It’s high time now…
we should not just know how they sound, but understand what they are trying to say… and save this earth. That was such a deep thought. Yes.
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