Can I feel the sound of music? | Jonah Kohn

My name is Jonah.
I’m 14 years old and live in San Diego California. My favorite hobby is playing guitar. I’ve
been playing for 5 years, and I play everyday. I built my own guitar from a block of wood, designing it and even soldering the electronics
inside. I love music because I feel that you can express
yourself through it, and there is so much freedom to do whatever you want. Music makes me realize how the tiniest of things like choosing one note over another
could change our response to a song. The inspiration for my project came from my
passion for music, and realizing there are people out there who cannot experience it
the way I do. One day when I wanted to play guitar with
my friend in a noisy classroom but we couldn’t hear it, I realized that when I put my teeth
on the guitar it helped me hear it over the noise. After some research I learned that this was bone conduction and from there I learned about
tactile sound, which is the experience of sound through vibrations against the body.
I wanted to explore the idea that tactile sound could help deaf people enjoy music.
The perception of music for people with hearing loss is diminished because they are unable
to process certain frequencies. I developed a tactile sound device, which
I called K-MAD, to try and improve their experience of music.
I found volunteers with hearing loss to try it. First, I tested their ability to recognise
melody, beat and lyrics without the device. Then, after finding the optimal position on
their bodies for each frequency, I repeated the test with my device.
There was a 93.5% improvement from the most responsive group.
“One volunteer said that they could “hear and sense the individual instruments as they
came together and became music.” One of the most meaningful outcomes of the
experiment was watching the subjects’ reactions as they heard music though the K-MAD for the
first time. I’ve learned so much from the project. It’s
exciting to think that this might have an impact on people with hearing loss and in
their ability to appreciate music.

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  1. It is clear to me that I'm definitely going to have some competition if I join the GSF 2013. Your work is inspiring and I believe it really can change the world.

  2. Well get on with it! (It's what you DO that matters. You may "hush now, watch the show" or step up and say what you have to say. Make a plan, take it, know it, present it. If anyone cries about it, tell them what you mean. It'll be yours, Best friends, family, even some wizard you know… they may help — that's support — but the presentation is yours. Say it. Say it clearly! Make them all hear you. Take the lead! Practice your presentation skill. Hold your pose. Make it KNOWN!

  3. He will never win the contest, because guess what ? he is a BOY, and boys cannot win Google Science Fairs contests as you must know !

  4. I was very interested by this video, I am a Dj and will be playing an event in a club setting for the hearing impaired.  This is my first time doing this with this type of crowd, and I am wondering if anyone had any suggestions, tips or hard facts that would help me give the crowd a better connection with the music. Possibly certain vibrations that a deaf person would respond to better as an example. Thanks

  5. He's only 14, oh my God! At 14 the only thing I knew how to do is play with my dick. Congrats kid, people like you make me still have faith in humanity :')

  6. It is found that hearing music produce dopamine hormone (the feel good hormone). That is why we feel good when we hear music. Then by finding the rate of production of dopamine hormone to different types of musics and all the related x y z..variables and functions, can define do a reverse engineering process. ie we define all the values for hormone production and other xyz variables and remap those the rates, values to the corresponding musical codes. By this we can create awesome musics which humans never made ?
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  7. can this technique work if the inner ear has'nt developed in the womb itself???????????anyone please reply my 4 year cousion is deaf

  8. "I built my own guitar from a block of wood" ….as the video shows him watching someone else making said guitar…good grief.

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