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[MUSIC] Hey, friends, Aaron Lee Tasjan here with the California
Special Acoustic Series from Fender. We’re going to take you through some of
the features of these unique instruments and play them a little bit for
you and see how they sound. Let’s check them out. [MUSIC] So the first guitar we’re going to
take a look at is the Malibu Special, the smallest body of the three styles. All of the guitars in this series come
in this beautiful matte black finish. The great thing about these smaller body styles, again, just a really great punchy tone. [MUSIC] Let’s talk about the Fender and
Fishman designed preamps and tuners that are in these guitars. Really great sounding preamps,
sound great on stage. Great at home,
plugging away through an amplifier. In fact, right behind me [LAUGH] is a Fender acoustic SFX amplifier. So we can hear what that sounds like. [MUSIC] The second guitar we’re going to take
look at is the Newporter Special. It is the medium body size
of the three guitars. So each instrument in this line
of guitars features an all solid design mahogany back and
sides and a Sitka spruce top. Beneath this beautiful matte black finish
is some really nice sounding solid wood. When it comes to an acoustic instrument,
that’s what you want. This guitar just is going to offer
you a great amount of versatility. kind of no matter what style you’re after
or up to, this guy is up to the challenge. Let’s just take a look real quick at what that could sound like. [MUSIC] Okay, lastly we are checking
out the Redondo Special, the largest body size of these
series of special guitars. Each of these guitars features
a Pau Ferro fingerboard. Kind of a interesting combination
of sort of a softer feel, like a traditional rosewood neck would be,
blended with what a harder, like an ebony or
a maple neck, might offer. So it’s kind of a great in between point. A C-shaped mahogany neck, not what you
would typically see on an acoustic guitar. The neck is a little thinner. Whatever your hand size is you’re going to
have a pretty easy time playing up and down the neck. The Redondo Special, it’s going to give you the full spectrum of the acoustic range, a really great, full-bodied sound. [MUSIC] Thanks for checking out the California
Special series of guitars with me. Stay tuned here for more videos. [MUSIC]

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  1. Fender will always be my favorite guitar/amp company. Their products are always and always have been of high quality, and they continue to innovate like they always have.

  2. For all those who say that this guitar sucks, is it not partly because whoever touches it also sucks when playing? If Jimmy Hendrix played on this guitar it would be a fucking madness. I've seen people playing on much more expensive guitars and they suck.

  3. I just bought the Redondo model. Damns it sounds amazing. I've tried the Malibu but it sounds like too bright.

  4. its got that weird rubbery sound… lately people have been experimenting with IRs from acoustic guitars into really good amps.. you can run a IR pedal and load in the impulse to get rid of that piezo sound

  5. I guess it might be very very aesthetic: play music video with this guitar, fender strings and pick, while sitting on bench on Santa Maria beach at the sunset)

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