Bergentrückung/ASGORE – Undertale OST (Acoustic Guitar) [TABS]

* A strange light fills the room. * Twilight is shining through the barrier. * It seems your journey is finally over. * You’re filled with… DETERMINATION.

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  1. I love this cover <3 This should someone use as a Undertale Event Track, when someone talks about Asgore 😛 (Ik, it exist an Unused Track from him, but this cover is more epic) :3

  2. Saying he does a soundtrack uniquely for every boss in the game feels like he did a lot of work on those soundtracks which is not entirely true. I'm not saying he's a bad artist or anything (I love the songs) but some of the music is kinda recycled through out the game, if you are a decent musician you can detect that 🙂

  3. This is truly the best version of Bergentrückung I've ever heard. The soft, sorrowful sound here fits Asgore's character perfectly. Well done!

  4. good job!! btw is this a folk or classical guitar ? Sorry for the dumb question I would like to buy a guitar and I was wondering 😡

  5. also it would be awsome if you could do battle against a true hero (been looking everywhere for one so i can learn to ply=ay it on classical) or mabey just the original Undertale?

  6. Thanks for this, now after i successfully tab Battle Against A True Hero ASGORE would be my next (btw i can tab Once Upon A Time part 1&2 and also intro of Hopes and Dreams[yay] 'cuz theyre dzame u know.)

  7. Hey, the link to the tab PDF says the item no longer exists or isn't available in OneDrive. Could you reupload?

  8. for some sahing that this might be hard to play,

    GET DETERMIANED cuz its really not lol.

    at least 4 me

  9. So calm so cool so willing to take a path of what you choose

    It fills me with
    ❤️💛💚💙💜is there one I'm missing?

  10. Hey, i did a tabsheet video from your Arrangement. I Hope this is okay for you^^. And yes, you get all credits;)
    And your tabsheet video is asynch.

    Here, you can see my video:

    Oh i See i did your devilman crybaby cover too. Maybe I forgot to ask you. I’m sorry ._.

  11. So pissed off now
    Because I don't know how fingerstyle songs work…

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