100 Replies to “[Beat Saber] Rhythm Heaven – Drummer Duel (EXPERT)”

  1. 파란색 컨트롤러의 트래킹 상태가 안좋은것은 아마도 비트기타세이버? 때 던져서??

  2. Please please stop doing these annoying songs. It's fun to watch you play when the song is good. There are plenty of good jams that are well mapped. Some examples: Toxicity, Cant Hold Us, First of the Year, In the Air, Black Betty, This is America, Fink You Freaky, etc etc

  3. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    What the hell is this song and why have you nailed it like that?
    I don't have a clue…

  4. 제목 영어인데 영상 누르니까 한국어가 되는거..한국에서 인지도 있는 외국 유튜버나 그러던데 이제 아조씨 거의 외국 유튜버 됐네..그래도 좋아 여고생쟝의 뒷모습을 볼 수 있다면ㅠ

  5. What is this track… also I thought you lose points for being in the red fields.
    Have you tried re-calibrating your controllers?

  6. Woah!!! U improve! In a couple of ur vids, u couldn’t full combo some of them because they are too fast but u did great! Also nc dance moves😂
    It made my day

  7. Watching you in anime char is so dope, but i wonder what you look like in real life playing this game 🤔🤔🤔

  8. I found your channel today!
    Do you want to tell me what kind of HMD are you using??
    i saw your channel and i also want to play beat saber!!🤤🤤🤤

  9. I live to see you play beat saber. I want to play the same as yours
    . So may i ask what device you use for VR headset and the animation avatar program that you use?

  10. 패턴 이전에 지뢰나오는게 뭔가 싶었는데 어떤 배열로 나오는지 미리 알려주는 거였음 ㅎㄷㄷ

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