Artists Draw Sonic Characters (That They’ve Never Seen)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take dumb ideas. – [Julia] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Nathan.
– I’m Julia. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Nathan] And we’ve gotta
fast through this intro. – [Jacob] So we can do the episode. – [Nathan] So we can do the episode– – [Jacob] About Sonic. – [Nathan] It’s no use. We’ve got to do this episode about Sonic. (all laugh) – [Jacob] You were too slow
to get through this intro so we can do this episode about Sonic. – Russel Young suggested, please draw Sonic the Hedgehog characters you may have never heard of. Well, Russel Young, we are
being chaos controlled by you (Jacob laughs)
on this episode. – Nathan, you’re doing great.
– Thank you. – [Julia] My mind is
running around at the speed of sound trying to remember
what sonic looks like. – [Jacob] I’m having fun here,
but I’ve got places to go. I’ve gotta follow my rainbow.
(all laugh) – [Nathan] I wanna draw some
cool, edgy teen animals. – [Jacob] Good news for you, asshole. I’ve got one for ya. – [Nathan] Our audience is
probably thinking, like, I’m waiting for the drawings to start. That’s all the Sonic jokes. – [Jacob] That’s all. We’re not gonna talk about
Sonic anymore in this episode. (Nathan laughs)
That was the only time. – [Julia] We blew it. We spent all our Sonic jokes really early. (Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] Would you kindly give me a Sonic character to draw? – [Jacob] There’s a reason we’re not talking about Sonic anymore, and it’s because Sonic is fucking over. – [Nathan] Uh-huh. – [Jacob] And the new hit character everyone loves is Captain Whisker. – Ooh, Captain Whisker.
– Captain Whisker. He’s the primary antagonist
of Sonic Rush Adventure. – [Nathan] When did that come out? – [Jacob] I believe
it’s one of the DS ones, or Game Boy Advance ones or something. – [Nathan] So say that, Captain Whisker? – [Jacob] Captain Whisker. I’ve got some–
– One whisker. – [Jacob] I can tell you about his past. – [Nathan] Yeah, tell me
about Captain Whisker’s past. All the characters just
sorta look like Sonic, right? That’s sort of the thing about– – [Jacob] Wait until I
tell you about his past. – [Nathan] Okay, tell me
about Captain Whisker’s past. – [Jacob] Captain Whiskers was created at some point by Dr. Eggman Nega. – Oh, sure.
– Not Dr. Eggman. – Yeah.
– Dr. Eggman Nega, who I did do research on, and it turns out Dr. Eggman Nega is a descendant of Dr.
Eggman from the future who comes back in present day and hates Dr. Eggman
for all of his failures. (Nathan laughs)
– Wow. You weren’t evil enough, grandad. Move over! – [Nathan] I kept your name, though. I just added Nega to the end. – [Julia] That’s cool, man. It’s edgy. – [Jacob] Captain Whisker was created by Dr. Eggman Nega, and
then he was subsequently put in charge of his own
robot pirate crew, as you do. – [Nathan] Does he have an eye patch? – [Jacob] He’s a pirate robot captain. – [Nathan] I’m gonna
give him an eye patch. – [Jacob] He’s a pirate robot captain. – [Nathan] I’m gonna
give him an eye patch. – [Julia] Do. – [Jacob] His task is to
find the Jeweled Scepter, which you gotta get that Jeweled Scepter. – [Julia] Who knew animals
loved shiny rocks so much, other than like corvids. – [Nathan] They love the Chaos Emeralds. – [Julia] They just love emeralds and shiny gems and shiny rings. – [Nathan] I’m just gonna draw a real shit heel looking cat pirate, ’cause that’s sort of–
– I’m a fan of that. – [Nathan] That’s sort
of what I’m getting. – [Julia] I love it. – [Jacob] I’ve got a really important piece of lore to tell you.
– Okay, tell me some lore. – [Julia] This is Bubsy. – [Jacob] This is Bubsy. This is dark Bubsy.
– You’ve drawn dark Bubsy. – [Nathan] That’s what every Sonic character is, is dark Bubsy. – [Jacob] Nintendo, add
dark Bubsy to Smash. – [Nathan] Sakurai, stop being
a coward and add dark Bubsy. That’s what the people want. – [Jacob] The people have
been demanding it for years. Since the first Smash came out, they said this is cool,
but where’s dark Bubsy? Let me tell you this piece of lore. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Eventually, Whisker
got the Jeweled Scepter. – Nega Bubsy, yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – But somehow lost it.
– Oh. – [Jacob] That’s where the lore ends. – [Julia] It’s under the couch. – [Jacob] So he did get
the Jeweled Scepter, but he somehow lost it. They’re not gonna explain how.
– It’s under the couch, with hair tires and all the other stuff that cats hide under the couch. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s probably the case. He was playing with it.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] And then he batted it underneath the couch where he couldn’t get, ’cause it’s too skinny under there. – [Julia] Or it’s like
it’s under the couch and he’s just like,
that’s the safest spot. – [Nathan] (laughs) Yeah. – Nega Bubsy.
– Evil Bubsy. – [Jacob] Do you wanna know about Captain Whisker’s personality? – Yeah.
– Yeah, tell me about Captain
Whisker’s personality. He’s a robot pirate captain? – [Jacob] He’s a robot pirate captain. Captain Whiskers is a downright evil, but bumbling, pirate.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] He has a short temper, which can make him
literally steam with anger. – [Nathan] Oh great. – [Jacob] He’s known to
hold lifelong grudges. – [Julia] Wow, much like an actual cat. – [Nathan] Is he a cat? We don’t know that.
– I’m assuming it’s a cat. – [Nathan] Lots of animals have whiskers. – [Jacob] Lots of assumptions. – [Nathan] Let’s get some steam. – [Julia] If he turns
out to be a walrus… – [Nathan] Ooh, yeah, that’d be fun. Little walrus. I gotta make him more angry. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s really angry, and also he has no qualms about harming or even torturing those
that stand in his way. – [Julia] Wow, okay. – [Jacob] And does so
without any sense of remorse. – [Julia] Well, all right. – [Jacob] So make sure you give a look that says I will harm or torture anyone that gets in my way.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] And I won’t
have any sense or remorse. – [Nathan] So he’s got an eye patch, but he also has a scar
on his non-patched eye. That’s how you know. Okay, so we gotta get some pirate stuff. I’m thinking maybe he’s one
of the thick Sonic characters. – [Julia] Oh, like a
Pete or a Mickey Mouse. – [Jacob] I was thinking Pete, too. You gave him a really Pete body. – [Julia] Yeah, especially
those up shoulders. – [Nathan] I’m gonna
give him one robot arm, because he is a robot pirate captain. – [Jacob] He’s a robot pirate captain. – [Nathan] After all. – [Jacob] He’s got a look on his face that says ooh, I hate that Sonic so much I would harm or torture him (Nathan laughs)
if he got in my way. – [Nathan] I would commit war crimes. – [Jacob] And I wouldn’t
feel the least bit bad. – [Julia] I almost want his other hand to be like a goblet of mead or something.
– Fire. – [Julia] Oh, okay, fire. – [Jacob] Captain Whiskers
and the Goblet of Fire. – Yes.
(Nathan laughs) The Harry Potter character
you forgot about. – [Jacob] My Harry Potter fanfic where I replace Harry with
Captain Whiskers from Sonic. – [Julia] Oh, my god. There’s definitely a
fanfic of Harry Potter where all the Harry Potter characters are placed by Sonic characters, right? Like Sonic is Harry.
– Yeah. – Tails is definitely Ron.
– Yeah. – Amy is Hermione.
– Amy is Hermione, and Rouge the Bat is Professor McGonagall. – [Jacob] And Big the Cat is Voldemort. – Is Voldemort.
(Jacob and Nathan laugh) And Dr. Robotnik is Professor Quirrell. – [Jacob] Professor Flitwick. (Nathan laughs)
Wasn’t that one of ’em? – [Julia] That was one
of them. You are correct. – [Nathan] No, Big the
Cat would be Dudley. – [Jacob] Big the Cat is Dudley. – [Nathan] Big the Cat has to be Dudley. – Dudley Dursley.
– Dudley Dursley. – [Jacob] I’m just remembering the names of the characters from Harry Potter. – [Nathan] Yeah, let’s just list some Harry Potter character names so David can put them
all up on the screen. – [Julia] Who’s that very
real woman that’s in Sonic? – [Jacob] Oh, she’s the
princess woman from Sonic. – Sonic ’06?
– ’06. – [Nathan And Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Who was just a real woman. – Just a real woman.
– A real, actual woman. – They do kiss right?
– Yeah. – Sonic does kiss her.
– Sonic kisses a real woman. – [Nathan] (laughs)
They tried to bury that. You can’t hide the fact that
Sonic did kiss a real woman. – [Jacob] Yeah, that absolutely happened, and none of us will ever forget it. – [Nathan] None of us will ever forget. – [Julia] So would she be Cho then? – [Nathan] Yeah. The real woman that Sonic kisses his Cho. – Is Cho Chang.
(all laugh) It maps perfectly.
– The real human. And then yeah, Shadow is, of course– – Draco Malfoy.
– Draco Malfoy. – [Julia] Guys, I think J.K. Rowling stole Harry Potter from Sonic. – [Nathan] And Knuckles is Cedric Diggory. – [Jacob] Knuckles is Cedric Diggory. – He really is though.
– ‘Cause he always dies. – Yeah.
– Spoilers. – [Jacob] He always dies and he’s cool. – [Julia] And he’s the only character you genuinely care about
who’s not a main character. You’re like, I wish you were. – [Jacob] I found out recently that one of the plot points of Harry
Potter and the Cursed Child is they’re going back in
time to save Cedric Diggory. – Whoa!
– From dying. – Wow.
– You can do that shit? – [Jacob] I just heard
that in a YouTube video. – [Nathan] You can do that shit? – [Jacob] I mean, Hermione’s got the damn time turner.
– The time turner. She was just using that to
take extra credits though. – [Jacob] She was just
doing that for homework. – [Nathan] She could do more homework. – [Jacob] She’s like, I’m
not doing enough homework. – [Nathan] Okay, here we go. That’s a pirate’s jacket.
– Sure. – [Nathan] Get some big buttons on there. – Pirates love big buttons.
– Just one big button. I only have room for one big button. – [Jacob] You only added
space for a single big button. I like big buttons and I cannot lie. – [Julia] That’s a big paw. Some big paws. – [Nathan] Here’s the thing
about Captain Whiskers. Captain Whiskers has big hands. – He has big hand.
– He has big hand, right. – [Jacob] The other one probably was big before it was replaced with a robot claw. – [Nathan] Oh yeah. Should I give peg leg.
– You’ve gotta. – [Nathan] I’ve done a pirate
captain on a Drawfee before, and I gave peg leg and hook. – [Jacob] I mean, you kinda have to. – [Nathan] Yeah, being a pirate captain means you have been maimed. – [Jacob] You have to have been
maimed in more than one way. – [Julia] Also, this is Sonic. They’re not gonna push the
stereotype of pirate looks. – [Jacob] Yeah, they’re probably
gonna lean in pretty hard. – [Julia] They’re gonna lean in real hard. He probably has a parrot. – [Nathan] But then he also
needs to wear sneakers, because everybody’s wearing
sneakers in Sonic world. – [Julia] ‘Cause they’re running around at the speed of sound.
– They were going so fast. – [Jacob] My favorite part of Sonic lore is that he lives in just
the normal human Earth, and there’s just people around in cities doing their jobs. But also Sonic was there and runs around collecting emeralds. – [Nathan] Yeah, Sonic came– – [Jacob] How is this the same world? – [Nathan] Sonic keeps us safe. – [Jacob] Why are there only some weird animal/human hybrids? Maybe this is answered in
some of the deeper lore. – [Nathan] There must be answers that we just aren’t looking into. – [Julia] Maybe this
is what that real human woman was investigating
when she stumbled upon– – And then she fell in love.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] With Sonic. – [Julia] She wanted to
discover what was going on, but what she actually discovered was love. – [Jacob] That’ll happen if
you get too close to Sonic. – [Julia] I know. – [Jacob] How can you help
but fall in love with him. He’s got such a ‘tude.
– Yeah! He hates Sonic. – He hates Sonic so much.
– He hates Sonic so much. – [Jacob] That can’t be overstated. And he’s really mad, too, because he had the Jeweled Scepter but then he lost it. – [Nathan] Oh yeah. He doesn’t know where
that Jeweled Scepter went. – [Jacob] Yeah, he knows that it’s got to be in his house somewhere. – [Nathan] (laughs) It’s just buried under a pile of newspapers. All right, this is my Captain Whisker. It looks like he’s about
to fall over he’s so mad. – [Jacob] He’s so steamed. – [Nathan] He’s so steamed, but yeah. I wanna fix this leg. Hold on. (Nathan groaning)
(Jacob imitating car) There we go. Now it’s a little less off balance. – [Jacob] Yeah, there we go. You got it. It’s beautiful.
– He’s beautiful. – Come on.
– He’s beautiful. You’ve done it. Let’s look up what he looks like. – [Nathan] Let me look up Captain
Whisker. Just one whisker. – [Jacob] One whisker, Captain Whisker. – [Nathan] Not to be confused with Wesker. – [Jacob] That’s different. It’s a different man.
– It’s fine. Ooh.
– Oh, he is a robot. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s a robot. – [Nathan] Oh, dang, he’s cool looking! – [Jacob] He is actually one
of the cooler designed ones. – [Julia] He’s more pirate than anything. – [Nathan] That’s so cool! – [Julia] You know, he kind of
looks like the sky character. – [Jacob] Yeah, he kinda does. He’s got more of an Eggman vibe than an animal vibe.
– Yeah. He’s very much an Eggman. It’s like if Eggman was a robot cat. – [Jacob] Pirate. – [Nathan] And the hat becomes the ears. Aw, that’s a cool design.
– That is a cool design. – [Jacob] They did good
on Captain Whisker. – [Nathan] They did
good on Captain Whisker. – [Jacob] You gotta give it to ’em. – [Nathan] You gotta give it
to ’em. That’s a fun design. – [Jacob] Yours is more of a
bumbly Pete Captain Whisker. – [Nathan] Mine’s an awful rat. (laughs) – [Jacob] An awful rat
cat who hates Sonic. – [Nathan] Yeah. Well, I’ve got fast away from this screen. – [Jacob] And I’ve gotta
go fast to start drawing. Let me in.
– Okay. – [Julia] Are you ready
for your character name? – Yes.
– Okay. The full name of your character. – [Jacob] The full name. – The full name is Witchcart. – Witchcart?
– Witchcart? – [Julia] Witchcart. – [Jacob] That sounds
like a musical genre. – [Julia] She also has an
alias of Wendy Witchcart. – Wendy Witchcart?
– But her name is Witchcart. – Her name is Witchcart.
– Wendy’s a nickname. (Jacob laughs)
– Yes. – [Jacob] I need to know some
information about Witchcart. – [Julia] Okay, she’s the mean villain and final boss of the video
game Tails’ Skypatrol. – Tales of Skypatrol?
– Tails’ Skypatrol. – Oh, Tails’ Skypatrol.
– Oh, Tails got his own game. – [Julia] Yeah, and he
fights Wendy Witchcart. – [Jacob] In which he patrols the skies. Of course! It all makes so much sense. – [Julia] So would you like to know a little bit about her personality? – [Jacob] Can I please know anything? – I’m going to tell you–
– She’s a Witchcart. – [Julia] I want to read for you this exact first line word for word as it is written in the Sonic Wiki. – I would love it if you did.
– Or the Villains Wiki. Excuse me.
– The Villains Wiki. – [Julia] Yes. – [Jacob] Wendy Witchcart did
not have a redemptive arc. – [Julia] No. Wendy Witchcart is an insane old woman and an arrogant self-proclaimed witch. – [Jacob] Self-proclaimed, okay. So other people do not proclaim her. – [Nathan] Maybe she’s just
the first one to proclaim it. I’m a witch! A lot of witches try to
be secretive about it, lure children into their house. She’s just very right
up front, in your face, like no, I’m a witch.
– I’m a witch. I’m Wendy Witchcart.
– I’m Wendy Witchcart. It’s in the name. Get used to it. – [Julia] So the rest of this line, or the rest of this paragraph, says she wants nothing more than
absolute control and power. She also has a fondness for rail carts, which she customized her own with the help of robots under her control. – [Nathan] Those robots. We gotta get rid of those robots. – [Jacob] They’re causing
a lot of problems. – [Nathan] They cause a lot
of problems for the critters. This robots/critters dichotomy we have in the Sonic universe, which is our universe.
– It’s the same. We live with Sonic. – [Nathan] There’s critters
and there’s robots, and then there’s just people sometimes. – [Jacob] Just people like you and I. And how could we ever
hope to compete with Sonic and his big hands and his big feet? – [Nathan] We can’t. That why he’s getting all the princesses. – [Jacob] That’s why he’s getting all the kisses, and here we are. – [Nathan] Just smoochin’
up on those princesses. – [Jacob] Here we are smooch free. – [Nathan] Listen, if there was a princess and an explosion happening, I wouldn’t be able to real quick run in and grab her and run away. So she’s right.
– She’s right. Oh, my god. You’re right. – [Nathan] She’s right
to do a kiss on Sonic. – [Jacob] She’s made the correct choice. Kissing Sonic is the correct choice. You heard it here first. Drawfee reports.
– (laughs) Listen. – [Julia] I do wanna read this line from the Wiki which says Wendy Witchcart claims to be able to turn those that refused her, or are
against her, into crystal. But judging by her actual
attack in the game, it is never really proven
if she is a real witch or simply a crazy old woman.
– That’s good. That’s fun. So she doesn’t use any magic
attacks in the game? (laughs) – [Julia] She looks like she just rides around in a mine cart. I’ll be real with you. – (laughs) It’s just an old lady who wants to (laughs).
– It’s just an old woman who wants robots and to ride around. She’s just like a trained enthusiast. – [Nathan] That’s so good! – [Jacob] She’s Wendy Witchcart! – [Nathan And Julia]
She’s Wendy Witchcart. – [Julia] She does have
three animal lackeys, which is very funny to me. – [Nathan] So she’s got robots
and animals on her team. – Yeah.
– Wow. – [Julia] She’s got a lot going on. – [Jacob] That seems like
it’s a little too much. – [Nathan] She’s hedgin’ her bets. Oh, I like this face, Jacob. – [Jacob] I’m Wendy Witchcart. – [Nathan] You just moved your
hand so I could see the face, and I like the face that we’re getting. – [Jacob] She’s just excitedly gonna be in her witch cart I guess. – [Nathan] Her name is Witchcart. Is she part cart?
– She’s not, but I guess she loved the cart so much she is one with it.
– She made it her name. That’s good. You gotta love what you do when you’re a villain, a
cart-based villain. (laughs) – [Julia] I do love… So in this Wiki, they
have a list of hobbies for the characters, like I’m gonna go out on a date with these characters. – [Jacob] Yeah, do I wanna
kiss Wendy Witchcart? That’s the question. – [Julia] I mean, some iterations of her, she’s pretty hot.
– Oh. – [Julia] Yeah. I said some. Not all. Don’t worry about it. So the list of hobbies
in order is riding around in hers specialized rail cart, utilizing her evil magic,
casting enchantments and spells, enslaving people.
– Oh, no! Wendy!
– Wendy, no! – [Jacob] Oh no, Wendy! What have you done? – [Julia] Ruling and
fleeing away from battles. – [Jacob] Guys, I think Wendy
Witchcart might be canceled. (Julia laughs) – [Nathan] You can’t go
enslaving people, Wendy. – [Jacob] That’s not cool. That’s not chill of you. – [Nathan] That’s a very unchill thing. – [Julia] Yeah, she’s not great. So I love this egg…
– Oh, I love this cart. – [Julia] It kinda looks
like the Bowser Jr. egg cart, the little egg thing. – [Nathan] It looks a little bit like GIR. – It does look like GIR!
– It does kinda look like GIR. That’s cute of me to do. – [Nathan] (laughs)
Very cute of you, Jacob. – [Jacob] Very cute of me. – [Nathan] How cute of you. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think she just kinda cruises around in her witch cart and does cool drifts and stuff. – [Nathan] I love her little
wiggly mouth that you gave her. – [Jacob] She’s like
(yelling and grumbling). Lots of that. I think she kinda sounds like
Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie. – [Nathan] Yeah. (grumbling) – Yeah, exactly.
(Julia laughs) (Nathan grumbling) – [Jacob] And she is rolling
around at the speed of sound. – [Nathan] Oh yeah. – [Jacob] That’s part of Sonic’s issue. – [Nathan] I like that the
wheels are sort of on legs. – [Jacob] Yeah, the wheels are on legs. – [Nathan] Oh, it’s smiling. (laughs) It’s so happy to be a cart! – This is her witch cart.
– It’s her witch cart. – [Jacob] It is imbued with a personality. – [Nathan] Aw! – [Jacob] I think she’s just like drifting around a mean curve right now. – [Nathan] Oh yeah. – [Jacob] Just like
(imitates squealing brakes). – She’s Tokyo drifting it.
– Yeah. Sonic is so fast.
– Right. But she’s fighting Tails
in this game, right? – [Jacob] Yeah, but she’s
thinking about Sonic. – [Nathan] She’s thinking about, she’s like if I beat Tails, maybe I’ll get to be in a
Sonic game next. (laughs) I’ll get to go up against the real hero. – [Jacob] And maybe then I, too, can get that coveted smooch. – I can get it.
– That coveted Sonic smooch. – [Julia] She’s like, I’m a real woman. Sonic will smooch me. Let’s go.
– I’m Wendy Witchcart. Do little stars.
– I love this. – [Jacob] It’s like a purpley smoke. – Yeah!
– Adorable. I love Wendy.
– This is good. – [Julia] She’s so cute. – Yeah, this is her.
– Look her up. – [Jacob] I wanna see her true form. – [Julia] Yeah, look her up. – Oh.
– Ooh. – [Julia] Yeah, so there’s some iterations of her where she’s like a hot woman, or she’s the witch,
Yubaba, in a mine cart. – [Jacob] I did pretty
good with the cart though. – Yeah, you did.
– Yeah. – You did very well.
– That’s a good cart. – [Jacob] It even has
little eyes and a mouth! – Yeah.
(Julia laughs) – [Jacob] Oh, my god. – [Julia] I think you
should design Sonic games. – [Jacob] You know,
Wendy Witchcart is kinda hot in her own way.
– She’s kinda hot. – [Jacob] She’s kinda got something goin’. – She’s aged gracefully.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] That’s for sure. Good for her.
– I’m proud of her. – [Jacob] You know what? I’d say it. I would kiss Wendy Witchcart. If it came down to it.
– Yeah, I mean, if she enslaved me.
– And then she told me that I had to kiss her,
I was her smooch slave, I would say well, there’s
worse things to be. – [Nathan] Yeah, for sure. – Julia, you wanna hop in?
– Yes, I do! – [Jacob] Swap! – Okay, Julia.
– Yes. – [Nathan] This character I have for you is a member of the Babylon Rogues. – Wow, okay.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Who have only appeared collectively in three racing games, Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity,
and Sonic Free Riders. – What?
– Okay. Not heard of any of those. – [Nathan] Your character’s
name is Storm the Albatross. – [Julia] Storm the Albatross? Are you giving me a command. Is that a code phrase?
– Storm the Albatross. Everyone.
– Everyone! – Nathan!
– That was the command word. – I’m very French.
– Storm the Albatross. – [Julia] I will go storm a prison! – Storm the Albatross.
– Okay, all right. – So it’s an Albatross.
– Yes. – [Julia] Okay, cool. – [Nathan] Storm the Albatross
is a hulking Albatross who is described as the
muscle of the Babylon Rogues, and Jet the Hawk’s right hand man. Jet the Hawk is the leader
of the Babylon Rogues. – [Jacob] Oh, man. I bet Jet the Hawk is really smoochable. (Nathan laughs) – [Julia] He probably is super hot, right? – [Nathan] It’s just a bunch
of really attractive birds who, again, have only
appeared collectively in Sonic Riders, Sonic
Riders: Zero Gravity, and Sonic Free Riders. – [Jacob] I don’t know what
any of those games are. Why were they not in Sonic &
All-Stars Racing Transformed? That’s the one I played. – [Nathan] Well, they’re not in that one. – [Jacob] Why not, Sega? Put dark Bubsy in Sonic &
All-Stars Racing Transformed. – [Nathan] (laughs) What more can I tell you about Storm the Albatross? – [Jacob] Is there any
past or lore section where we can learn some more
about Storm and his feelings? – [Nathan] I’m looking at the Wikipedia entry on Storm the Albatross. – [Julia] Nathan, stop
telling me to do that. I’m going to go storm a prison. – Just any prison.
– Any prison. – [Nathan] The strength
of his loyalty to Jet is greater than any other, and he hates rivals to the team. – [Jacob] Oh, I ship it. – [Nathan] When he is angry,
he becomes destructive, and the raw power of his physical strength makes up for his lower
intelligence and lack of speed. – So he’s an idiot.
– He’s a stupid, slow, strong, hot bird.
– Yeah. – Stupid, slow, hot bird.
– Who loves Jet so much. – [Nathan] He loves Jet a lot. – [Jacob] Jet is definitely
the Sonic of this bird team. – Of the Babylon Rogues.
– Of the Babylon Rogues, everyone’s favorite animal team. – [Nathan] (laughs) Move over, Chaotix. It’s time for the Babylon
Rogues’ moment in the spotlight. With his quick temper, he
may stutter when flustered. – Aww.
– And he hates having to wait. – Oh.
– Okay. – [Nathan] That’s the entire
entry on Storm the Albatross. You have all the information now– – That there is.
– That there is. – I love his little scarf tie.
– Yeah, that’s a good scarf. – [Julia] Yeah, he’s gonna
be wearing a little scarf. He’s a racer. That’s what racers do!
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Gotta keep their necks warm for maximum racing.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Is he doing a salute? He’s saluting Jet, his leader? I could tell you about Jet.
– His leader? Please. Nathan, his lover.
– His leader and his lover. – You wanna know about Jet?
– I do. – [Nathan] Jet the Hawk is a green hawk, and the leader of the Babylon Rogues, and nicknamed Legendary Wind Master. – Damn, that a cool nickname.
– Damn. – [Nathan] Due to his
mastery of extreme gear. (Nathan and Jacob laugh) – [Jacob] Okay. – [Nathan] This mastery
comes from his forefathers. His skills make him a possible
match to Sonic the Hedgehog, whom he considers a rival. – [Jacob] Does Sonic
consider him a rival though? – Unclear.
– That’s unanswered (Jacob and Nathan laugh) if Sonic even knows who this guy is. – [Nathan] It’s like the
University of Maryland, we consider Duke our rivals, but I believe Duke considers
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, their rivals, and just thinks that Maryland
is a team they beat regularly. (Nathan and Jacob laugh)
– Amazing. – [Nathan] Jet is aware
of his duties as leader, but must sometimes be helped by his team. Filled with extreme
pride, the thing he likes most other than treasure is himself. He despises losing and
those who are faster or more confident than him, and fights using Bashosen fans. – [Julia] What about our boy? What about our Albatross boy? – [Jacob] What about Storm the Albatross? – Storm the Albatross–
– I’m gonna go do it, okay? Just let me finish the episode. – [Nathan] Storm the
Albatross agrees with Jet that Jet is the best treasure.
– Just like some hot shit. – [Nathan] Yeah. Jet loves Jet, and Storm also loves Jet, and that’s their bonding–
– I think I love Jet. You know?
– He just sounds really hot. – [Nathan] I mean, imagine
if Sonic was a green bird. – [Jacob] Nathan, I can’t
imagine that right now. I’ll have to leave. – [Julia] So is this the actual
Cedric Diggory of this team? – Jet?
– Jet. – [Jacob] Jet’s the Cedric
Diggory of my heart. – [Julia] Yeah, the hot one that you never get to see much of.
– Yeah. Yeah, Jet is just if
Sonic was a green bird. And then Storm’s his own beast. – [Julia] Is he wearing a little jacket? I’m noticing that there are so many Sonic characters that wear
outfits, unlike Sonic. – [Nathan] I don’t wanna tell you anything about what he’s wearing, ’cause I like the direction you’re going, and I don’t wanna influence it. – [Julia] I kinda like
him not wearing a shirt, but also do I wanna give a pilot jacket? I don’t know what I’m feeling. I think I want him to be
shirtless and glistening, maybe. I do think he needs pants though. – [Nathan] I love how big and bird-like you’ve made the wings.
– Yes. – [Jacob] Which I think
you know in your heart of hearts is not how it is. – [Nathan] It’s not
correct, but it is good. – [Julia] Me getting something
wrong on the Drawfee show? – [Jacob] All Sonic animals just have weird, naked, human bodies. – [Nathan] I just had to give Julia the strongest birb to draw.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Well, I missed the
last strong bird she drew, Fuck ‘Em Up Bird.
– Yeah, that’s true. You did miss that.
– I was there for it. I just miss it now.
– I know. – We all miss it.
– We all miss it. What should his pants situation be? I mean, he’s probably
wearing stupid shoes, right? – [Jacob] I don’t like that you gave him an anatomical rib cage.
(Nathan and Julia laugh) – [Nathan] I don’t think
any Sonic characters have rib cages that are visible. – [Jacob] No, they certainly don’t. – They’re very sort of blobby.
– How about that? – Oh!
– They’re very smooth. – [Nathan] Sonic
characters are very smooth, but I like this.
– I respect your decision. – [Nathan] This definitely
is someone’s fan art of the Babylon Rogues.
– Yeah, Julia’s. – Yeah.
– Julia’s fan art. – [Nathan] You can see the abs in fan art, so I think this is fine.
– Yeah. I’m gonna give him little
Sonic shoes, ’cause why not? – [Jacob] He’s just wearing
literally Sonic’s shoes. – [Julia] (laughs) He’s trying to work his way into Jet’s heart.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] But Jet sees them and gets mad, ’cause they remind him of Sonic. – [Julia] But you know what? Storm the Albatross will take it. He’ll take that kind of attention. – [Jacob] Yeah, any attention from Jet. – Yeah.
– Is attention that he wants. – [Nathan] He hates having to wait, especially to be noticed
by his true love, Jet. – [Jacob] He’s got one little short leg. One tiny leg, one long leg.
(Nathan laughs) – [Julia] Yeah. (laughs) Yes he does. – [Nathan] Look at his little bird face on this giant man body.
(Julia laughs) This is so much better
than the actual design. – [Julia] I’m very excited. – [Jacob] His foots gonna have to be on something at this point.
– Nah. – [Nathan] No, there’s
just foreshortening. That one foot’s comin’ at us, and that other one’s back.
– I don’t buy it. – [Nathan] Jacob, can you suspend your disbelief for a moment? – [Jacob] No, I want perfect proportions on Storm the Albatross’ fan art. – [Nathan] I will say, you’re gonna see the actual image and his feet are doing almost exactly this.
(Julia and Jacob laugh) – [Julia] I’m very excited about that. – [Nathan] That’s about
as close as you got. – I feel like–
– It’s wearing slacks. – [Julia] He’s like a racer, right? Or something?
– Yeah. I think the extreme gear is sort of like, it looks like hoverboards.
– It’s his cargos. – [Nathan] It looks like
they’re all holding snowboards. – [Jacob] No Nathan, it’s his cargos. (all laugh) It’s his strong cargos.
– It’s his strong cargo pants. – He also has a wrench.
– Oh yeah, so he can fix his gear.
– So he can fix his gear. – [Nathan] Or more
importantly, fix Jet’s gear. – [Julia] Yeah, he’d fix Jet’s gear before he fixed his own. – [Jacob] But also it says he’s an idiot, so he probably doesn’t
know how to fix stuff. – [Nathan] No, he’s
not gonna be dissuaded. He’s very stubborn. He cares so much.
– There we go. – Perfect.
– Strike that other shoe. – [Julia] Yeah, I think
I’ve made a racer, right? – [Nathan] Yeah, this is a racer. – [Julia] This is what racers look like? – [Nathan] You wanna see what Storm the Albatross looks like? – [Julia] I do. I’m gonna look him up.
– I’ve got him. – Yeah?
– I’ve got him right here. (Jacob groans)
(Julia shutters) – [Nathan] But you wanna see Jet? He’s just green bird Sonic.
– Oh, yeah. That’s the shit right there. Oh, that’s that good shit. – [Nathan] Wait, let’s go back to Storm. (Jacob and Julia groan)
– Oh, I hate it. He’s so… I got the feet right. – [Nathan] You didn’t give
him his cool necklace. Covered it up with a scarf. – I hate him.
– I hate, go back to Jet. – [Nathan] Go back to Jet? Okay, here’s Jet. Oh, fuck yeah.
– Hell yeah. (Nathan laughs)
(rock music) Hell yeah.
– There’s that good stuff. – [Julia] There he is. – [Nathan] So Drawfee is officially becoming a Jet the Hawk fan channel. – [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] Every episode we’ll be drawing Jet the Hawk in different art styles, that perfect, perfect bird.
– Perfect bird. – [Nathan] They don’t have wings. They just have hands. (laughs) They just have arms and hands. – [Jacob] They’re not
birds at all, really. – [Nathan] But yeah,
you see, you got the– (clunking)
(Jacob and Julia laugh) – [Nathan] All right. Okay. I dropped my phone. I was trying to show Julia something and my phone slipped out of my hand, so we’re just gonna call
the episode here I think. I think that’s–
– It’s a good time for it. – Yeah.
– I think… – I think that’s good.
– I think we did it. – [Julia] I think we did it. Okay. – [Nathan] We already did
all the Sonic jokes up top, so we don’t have to do any now, so leave a suggestion of what
you want to see us draw next. – [Jacob] We gotta go eat some chili dogs. – [Nathan] Ooh! Oh no, I hit something and
all my rings spilled out. – [Jacob] You better collect at least one, or else you’re susceptible
to being killed. – [Nathan] Game over. – [Julia] I’m gonna go
hit up Casino Zone 3. – We’re sorry.
– We’re sorry. – [Julia] Sorry!

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