Artist Intro with JR Hildebrand

You wouldn’t even qualify for the race
if you don’t have people that are proficient in computer sciences, because
of how much data the cars collect, and the necessity to be able to have people
that can write programs that figure out how you can continue to build
performance. In these puzzles, you’ll be an artist, that uses a pencil in a draw
different shapes. So wherever your artist goes, he’ll draw a line behind them. To
move around the canvas, you’ll use the move forward block. Here the move forward block says “move forward by a hundred pixels”. When we hit run, what happens? The artist moves forward a certain amount, and that amount is 100 pixels. Pixels are
basically very tiny squares on your computer screen. The other block we have
in this puzzle says turn right by 90 degrees, and when we drag that out, that
makes our artist turn a certain amount. So you can play around with how far you
want the artist to turn. This is a 90 degree turn, and this is a 120 degree
turn. And remember, you can change these values by clicking the arrows next to
the numbers for pixels and degrees. Enjoy drawing with your artist! you

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