Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Simpsons Characters From Memory

hey i’m kyra lead animator on the good advice cup – hi I’m Mike character animator on The Simpsons and today we are gonna be dry Simpsons characters from memory what is that bear you work on The Simpsons you’re gonna make me look like good to drive bad your character is sexy so glad because I actually know who that is feels like I’m wearing nothing at all oh okay he’s like kind of one of the more normal looking dude doesn’t he yeah I feel like he has like a weird like shark fin for a hairdo that’s the main guy yeah the guy that they based the Simpsons off of and we better watch ourselves because we have an animator from The Simpsons here drawing with Kara oh he’s gonna look at her drawing so he’s gonna cruelly and unjustly judge us his Instagram handle is I draw Homer so Mike you’ve been working on The Simpsons since 2004 how did you get that job I was actually an intern after high school I just did you know a lot of intern solid work but slowly and slowly I moved my way up to you know begging artists for tips and like maybe I could do a drawing and then one of their scenes here and there and I just like practicing and practicing until one day I took the character animation test and I passed it that’s so cool I didn’t grow up watching you didn’t know I feel like everybody grew up watching this image I kind of I have vague memories of the Simpsons just being on TV everywhere okay so like I’m in the laundromat waiting but I never actually watched it myself really yeah let’s see if I can just manage doing the Simpsons style that’s another thing I don’t draw like that most of the time I feel like most of my stuff has like a lot of volume and construction to it or is there sort of exists very much in a 2d plane I think you’re more volumetric than the sentence well is there specific kind of volume volumetric them oh this is yeah this is close enough but it’s not great you’re scared of the I love drawing homework I am scared of the mics critique I’m not gonna lie you’re afraid of the animators war army because which was he draws homer for a living like that’s what he does you know what we do for a living what we are wrong for a living the internet we draw incorrectly for a living on the internet we draw other people’s characters wrong so that people can laugh at us hmm so honestly so honestly we’re doing our job right doing our job if it’s wrong you know yeah yeah and a meme is hamburgers steamed hams oh they’re just they’re hams not ham it is it’s hamburgers but he’s like up selling it as steamed hams because he has like his boss over for dinner oh and sound like his meal goes to and so he like runs across the street to get hamburgers and it’s like oh enjoy these gourmet steamed hands so as an animator on The Simpsons what’s here like your day to day routine look like so we have scenes that we get from the board artists and you know they set up the shot they set up the composition our job is to go in and add all the acting and we get the audio track from the voice actors and then we kind of go from there I think we’re like the last one that actually does all that stuff everything else like boards here’s a fun fact about Homer’s design that I do know there is a Hidden Mickey signature in his in his head it is his hair is an M and his ear looks like a G for Matt Groening really that’s really interesting cool I will make his ear G now G for gamer G M for mega and G for gamer mega gamer no not right at all he’s just wearing like us he’s wearing a suit right yes okay the principle suit principle a very principle hey wait am I dressed are you dressed like him cody’s stand up give me some reference and my dress video yeah I Principal Skinner first of all Skinner so Mike have you met the voice actors from The Simpsons yeah actually I went to a couple of table reads which is you know they do like a little rough run through the script you know all the actors are there there do their lives and their voice is really awesome to see that’s so cool and they’re extremely talented I hear you’re quite the voice actor yourself yes I am Kevin what’s your favorite episode of The Simpsons so my favorite episode of The Simpsons is called Lisa’s substitute it’s a episode in the second season where Lisa has a very inspiring teacher who ends up going away because he’s a substitute teacher yeah but he gives her the sweetest note in the world uh-huh and tells her only look at it when you are starting to doubt yourself and as he goes away she opens it up and it says you are Lisa Simpson but then my other favorite episode is the one cute oh my god you okay that was so cute and that was just the synopsis yeah I know I lost the episode should watch it oh my god you guys like I’m a mess it’s okay sorry look at me deep breath deep breaths whoa Oh didn’t expect to cry in the Simpsons episode Cody how’d you do dead accurate I mean this is basically on model yeah are you applying to Simpsons right now I’m probably gonna submit this yeah print how did you do you also think you’re gonna get the job I think I’m gonna shoe it at this point hmm yeah they’re bringing me on tomorrow that’s confident how do you think you did on this one I try drawing a little more on my style but I think I did pretty good got pretty close to sexy planners how about you yeah the feel of them down how do you think you did Kevin I think I did okay so I feel like it’s everything’s just a little bit off this Homer is part of the off-brand character universe shown right here I think I did pretty good just by you know I I didn’t really grow up watching The Simpsons but I think I understand the general look of Homer I think I caught his essence I don’t know if it’s accurate all right cool let’s take a look oh yes now I feel like I should add a color no yours is so beautiful it’s like a perfect sketch this is appealing I like this I would eat those hamburgers thank you oh my this is so it’s pretty impressionistic you didn’t go for the Simpson style this is very much a Kody version of a Simpsons character I just wanted to feel more nervous like he was nervous about those steamed hands yeah cuz that’s all I remember is his anxiety yes you did a pink donut which is the iconic Simpsons donut yeah it’s because I went to the Universal Studios and they were selling giant pink donut that’s like all I could think of I didn’t I didn’t put the pink frosting yeah I love his face so good I like the shiny but you’re gonna feel a nice touch yeah I remember there was a helmet oh man okay see there’s that perfect like rectangle body I just like I did this at some point you could probably see sketches over there somewhere where I just was like use the line tool just draw like a straight line down yeah oh yeah no but you did like you got so much right oh really hard but we got the feel we got that yeah yeah look at this rear 3/4 on Chalmers here yeah and bizarre like I I got that he was bald Wilmers guy oh yeah I don’t know you start drawing Chalmers I just uh I drew that like homers I guess yeah well thanks a lot for having me of course was so nice to meet ya I had an awesome time drawing trying to draw it was awesome but I hear that Kevin Jackie are drawing home right alright so I’m gonna go check them out I’ll see you later Rohit’s today are you ready Kevin ready let’s bring and Mike yeah first try Mike how are you good thanks for joining us hey how’s it going so this is Jackie’s drawing of Homer okay you are somebody who draws Homer for a living yes how on or off model is Jackie strong it’s a beautiful drawing up model but I mean it’s really appealing so if you had to do one or two things to make this a little more on model well definitely so I would oh okay Oh picking up your dad Bart he’s getting in he’s gift he’s grading me like a just a little longer okay he fixed your ear mine I like the G in there though it’s mg mg for mega gamer yeah yeah exactly yeah it’s been confirmed been confirmed on screen do you want to take a look at my shirt okay Mike come on over on I’m nervous I’m very nervous don’t be scared Kevin all he’ll do is say it’s awful and draw over to make it perfect wow this is like Homer Simpson meets George Jetson okay so this is again appealing oh here’s the thing about the muzzle how does it connect to his nose because I feel like so it goes from the bottom line of those okay and I need a trick about the ear mm-hmm take the bottom line of the eyeball and make sure their body structure is yeah he’s like a little too tall and no Anatomy the arm just a Gomez tooth it like yeah they do have a rubber hose arms no I did that at first it felt weird you know what Kevin this is why you need to believe in yourself Jackie I do believe you need to trust your gut like Homer has a gut am i right Mike that’s right well Mike thank you for critiquing our homers thank you Mike you are full of magic Mike this is why we can’t have guests Jackie that horrible to say totally yeah we’ll get out okay okay oh I’m sorry man I apologize for all that I’ve done [Music]

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  1. I think its quite funny and endearing how kyra really tries to pretend she's not fully aware thats she kills it every time

  2. I literally watched that episode that Kevin & Jackie talked about the other day and also teared up at the end! I was shocked – I had seen the episode years ago as a small child and never hit me like it did the other day.

  3. Jackie : " you are full of magic….Mike "
    Kevin : " See this is why we can't have guest "
    😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Omg love jackie

  4. The Asian needs to go 😐 way too obnoxious and ruins the show. I love watching these but she is way too over the top and childish. Please replace her

  5. Can we please get Mike and Kyra together for life. They are both the sweetest humans/drawers with insane talent.
    Also Jackie cannot be contained and Kevin is always trying. This is the reason I watch every episode. Love it.

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