ANGELINA JORDAN – Bohemian Rhapsody | Singer Songwriter REACTION | America’s Got Talent

Hi everyone, Caleb here. Today I’m going
to be reacting to Angelina Jordan singing Bohemian Rhapsody . People
have actually requested on my channel to react to Angelina Jordan for a little while and
then it came up on my recommended feed that she sung Bohemian Rhapsody and
obviously I’m a big Queen fan so it’s kind of like these two worlds collided
and it’s just the right moment to react to this. So let’s just get straight
into it, if you end up enjoying this video make sure to subscribe let’s watch
it. Wow what a soulful voice she has. Yeah so she’s seeing it in the same key
as the original in b-flat and she started with such a beautiful jazz vocal
sound a bit of kind of Norah Jones vibes but also other great jazz singers I hear
a whole bunch of them in that tone. And it was just such a interesting way to
start, draw attention right to her voice, no instruments, nothing. Just her and her
voice and then when she came in there she came into the second verse which is
again a cool interesting arrangement. I actually looked up beforehand on Google
and it sounds like she won, was at Norway’s Got Talent?
At the age of seven, which is crazy. And so here she’s a bit older maybe like
what 14 or something I think so anyway the point is she’s really young so this
is super impressive. Let’s keep watching. That was really really cool. What I love
about her voice is not only the maturity she’s showing at such a young age but
it’s all about the texture, and that’s also common with a lot of jazz singing.
And what I mean by texture is it’s about the breath, it’s about the amount of
smoothness or the amount of grit, it’s either really smooth vowels or
dangling vibrato that adds this beautiful little bit of texture. And then
at the end there at the end of that chorus you heard her go into more of a
belting kind of sound which is really phenomenal because some singers who are
able to get that smooth, almost kind of breathy head voice dramatic jazzy tones,
they often struggle to then get the compression in their vocal cords to go
up and do the the more powerful stuff. And she just showed that’s not the case
that she’s also got a lot of different skills alongside just that beautiful
tone and that maturity, it’s really quite incredible. Very head voice he breath-y at the
end but more compression at the start. It’s really really cool and that (sings). That
tremor-y vibrato at the end of notes; she didn’t do it on that note, but
earlier she does that at the end. A very jazzy effect (sings). Beautiful. Yep, wow is is absolutely correct. What I
loved about that performance was the overall maturity in the choices she made.
Every run had emotion behind it, every texture, every use of extra breath
or extra compression or power or lack of power; it was intentional. It was crafted
to bring a fresh take on Bohemian Rhapsody as a song and when you listen
to this, yes you’re aware it’s the Queen song, but you’re drawn to her telling a
story. You’re drawn to her voice in the way she’s telling it and it almost makes
it like a new song. And it’s not only because of the changes in arrangement
with the guitar; although that’s part of it. It’s the way it’s constructed to
bring attention purely to her. And so major kudos, major props to Angelina. I do
want to check out more of her, this was a very recent performance so keep me
posted on other performances. It says January 6 there, so keep me posted on
other performances of hers that I should watch. And if you ended up enjoying this
video make sure to subscribe; I’ve got my EP coming out next month, check out my
stuff on my channel. Thanks for watching guys and I look forward to seeing you
all in the next video.

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  1. I love your professional breakdownof her skills . Please do the other 120 plus vids she has out . Start with black and white version of i put a spell on you at age of 9 and the do stay and a million years ago both accoustic. she isa superstar already. thanks

  2. Recently discovered Angelina & found she was absolutely heaven to listen to , you said it all, the total arrangement, runs control etc. basically told us how really professional she really is at such a young age 👌

  3. She has more talent in her little finger than some established singers these days. She has the potential to go down as one of the greatest jazz singers of all time. I wish her well and I hope she chooses her future songs wisely to bring out of her voice what makes her so special.

  4. She is so beautiful and soulful! And you are so sweeet
    to watch…..watching her! You have nice eyes!

  5. Fantastic reaction hope you will do more of Angelina she is probably the most versatile Soul Singer ever in history of mankind
    I have seen her Singing every Style and Genre there is except Opera but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she did 😂 since she won NGT at the age of 7 she has Cranked out about 130 covers and some Originals and. Taking on all the greatest vocal masters of the world and owns them.
    thanks for your reaction to our singing Angel. ~ OneLove ~ JBB

  6. Awesome reaction! Thank you 🙂 Here you've just scraped the breath of Angelina's talent. She has an unique tone, texture, nuance to her voice that draws everyone in, and gets to your soul. So many songs to recommend! A million years ago, Born to Die, Shield (her own song) and others when she was competing in Norway's got talent. You won't believe she was only 7 listening her singing "Bang Bang", "Summertime", etc.

  7. she started training in Jazz since she was 1 year old or before.
    baby Angelina got the gisp of singing listening to her grandmother Jazz records, since then, singing became as natural to her as walking or learning a first language.

  8. Best review, ever… technically speaking… I' ve seen more than 20…
    Caleb, you were singing, internally, Al the time.
    Seriously, Angelina is umbelievable.
    Caleb = Congrats.
    I'd like to ser you singing, soon.
    Thanks a lot.

  9. Just wanted to tell you this Caleb. First time I have seen you on Youtube btw. I can tell you have such a genuine sincerity about you. It was quite refreshing to watch your reaction to this girl. Thanks for being so kind and I wish you great success in future endeavors.

  10. Thank you for the great reaction. She is 13 here. You should begin with Norway got talent. 7 years old. Gloomy Sunday I am a fool to want you a cappella You will see engen you have heard some, that she adapt her voice to how she want it to sound. Does not need to belt all the time, but is more than able! Angelina CoverChannel
    Here are some more to chew on: 
    It is a mans world:
    Wake me up:
    A song for A:
    Wicked game:
    Her own: Oslo: What is life: and Shield:
    – and all the rest…..

  11. React to Angelina's cover of "I Put a Spell on You " the black and white video . she's 9 yrs. in that one and also her cover of " Summer Time " she sang for the finale at 7 yrs. on Norway's Got Talent . There both mind blowing .

  12. do yourself a favour and check out other songs with Angelina like
    I put a spell on you (in the version of that b&w video, as she was 9 (!!!)
    see with already more than 6 Mio clicks
    Gloomy sunday (NGT 2014), as she was 7 (!!!)
    Born to die
    Feeling good
    Faded and Sing me to Sleep (live in the concert of Alan Walker in Bergen)
    It's a Man's World (Live summer 2018)
    Every Time We Say Goodbye
    Rehab (Amy Winehouse cover) Live 2018
    Back to black 2016, when she was 10 (the youtube video also has more than 6 Mio clicks)
    not to forget:
    Fly Me To the Moon in the concert for Quincy Jones 85th Birthday – O2 Arena – London – 27.06.2018
    You will find more …

  13. Hi Caleb I love angelina.I believe shes sent to us from the past century to keep Jazz genre alive😉 seriesly shes got an old beautiful soul.tnx for the reaction.

  14. I think Angelina is an old soul… I think she listened to the great jazz singers at a very young age with her grandmother… I belief she is a prodigy in the style of music… It would be nice to bring that wonderful music back… Everything she sings , I love!…. She is my favorite artist right now… I hope she has the right people taking care of her…

  15. Although America's Got Talent: The Champions is trying to ruin her, taking down the Video with over 10 million views in a few days, this can't stop her from becoming a legend in a few years! This is because she retained the rights to the performance of the cover version Bohemian Rhapsody herself. In the future, there will be two versions that people are familiar with: Queen's version and Angelina's version. Thinking she will also be penalized for this in the final?

  16. I don't experience chills or goosebumps like most people do but i surely cry like crazy upon hearing and watching most of her videos…oh i'm such a shameless crier…

  17. She really masters jazz, blues and R&b (don't miss "I who have nothing" or "Unchain my heart") but my personal Angelina favourites are in the country/pop genre, like "Nothing breaks like a heart" or "California Dreaming" and Born to Die".

  18. This whole performance was to highlight Angela Jordan's voice for the american audience, she is already very popular among Europe and Asia, she is here to show the Americans what she can do.

  19. Hi there!! Please don't miss this classic of Billie Holiday covered by Angelina Jordan. You can close your eyes and you will hear Billie Holiday almost enhanced (please Billie forgive me) The song is ALL OF ME by Billie Holiday

  20. Love your analysis of Angelina’s AGT performance. She’s a real talent isn’t she? Thank goodness she’s staying with very simple backing instead of those early mismatches with Norways military orchestra that swamped Angelinas delicate voice with the orchestra leaders penchant for big band sounds!
    Thanks again. I’ve subscribed. From California.

  21. Thanks for some great analysis and comments Caleb. She is truly incredible and sometimes one wonders how she elicits a particular reaction from deep in the heart. She is truly something else, a master of her craft at 14. You should hear her at Norway's got talent when she was 7, and you will recognize she was born with this mastery.

  22. Could you do some Elvis live maybe unchained melody live 77 or what now my love, he had such incredible dynamics and sheer power. Great video btw!

  23. I'm tired of saying that this prodigy girl is the new generation of the old melody. She is the incarnate spirit of good old and new singers, but songs that have perfect lyrics. As perfect as she is.

  24. Caleb, do you know what it is to sing round? And have a velvety voice?

    Well, that's Angelina, the fantastic and perfect prodigy girl.

  25. Angelina Jordan Sings Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" – America's Got Talent: The Champions —

  26. Yes she has a soul filled voice that girl…..She are increadble good..!!!…oh my goodness…..she looks like an angel.and sings like one too!!!I am proud to say-I am hugh fan!!Much love from Norway

  27. Nice analysis, Caleb! As a musician of fifty years, there are two things I might mention. The jazz inflections she sings in the phrase, " Can't do this to me, baby." ( You stop at 4:16 as she is entering this lyric.) The feeling she invests in this expression is my favorite part of the song. Also, when she sings, " No- thing real- ly matters, ) she abbreviates the notes of 'thing' and 'real' showing remarkable control. Added to all these nuances is her ability to transfix the audience with her voice and stage presence. A supreme experience!

  28. It's wonderful to see a reaction from someone who really knows what he is talking about. Plus, your joy in what you are listening to is obvious by your facial expressions. Much respect.

  29. It's very nice to see a professional singer rending positive comments about Angelina.
    I believe that Caleb spent near a decade to build his singing knowledge, it is normal.
    The unusual is to see a 13 years old girl sing that way and blow everyone's minds.

  30. Loved how you raise your eyebrow along the song and that frozen grin. This is my first video of yours and damn you're beautiful.

  31. Nice reaction again Caleb. I know your big Queen fan me too. I reacted to this performance by Angelina as well. She rocked it out but almost in jazz tone

  32. wow! agelina Jordan she is talented singer, she is a superstar in our time.. Ive never heard any singer song like that it's amazing talent.. 😊 👍💪💪💪👧

  33. Just became a subscriber. And of course Thumbs up 😎.
    Could you please react to Naturally 7 – Your The Voice ( long version)
    They are..beside Pentatonix the words BEST Acapella group.
    And their take on john Farnham's classic is just stunning.
    Please check it out and react 🙂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  34. Nice reactions but did you know that song and video clip of angelina was deleted in l AGT video clip? and she was eliminated she's indeed amazing
    but there rumors that something bad happened between AGT and Angelina's camp OMG!

  35. I love the way Angelina Jordan sings. I listen to her all the time. "I put a spell on you" is one of my favorite. You must react on AMIRA WILLIGHAGEN also. She is amazing.

  36. So I grew up in a time when Queen was everything, listening to bohemian rhapsody in its original form. Getting ready for school and singing along to “I want to break free”. It was everything back then for us. So growing up I’ve heard many people mutilate this song and not really found anyone who could even come close to doing the song justice in any way. Then I heard this version by Angelina Jordan and my jaw hit the floor in a really good way. Please bare in mind that I can hold a note about as well as a bucket with no bottom can hold water!! But to hear that song done in that way was so hauntingly mesmerising that suddenly all I could hear was her voice, and that was crazy amazing. And it is the first cover of that song that also does it any justice. Liked your reaction to it as well and I’m a new subscriber, just cos I can’t sing don’t mean I can’t appreciate beautiful music!! ✌️✌️

  37. To only be hearing Angelina today is to miss the huge talent of this gifted singer …
    " sounds like she won Norway's Got Talent .. " – kinda doesn't begin to do justice here ..
    to help you – and other who may be interested – begin to understand who you're hearing please see below:

    I WHo Have Nothing (age 6)

    I'm a Fool To Want You
    – must hear

    Gloomy Sunday (age 7)
    – must hear–D51g3FY

    I Put A Spell On You
    – MUST hear

    SummerTime (age 8 – NGT final winner)

    – a few more

    Fly Me To The Moon (8)

    Feeling Good

    Summertime – one of the best you'll ever hear

    What A difference a Day Makes

    a little more background:

  38. I was 12 years old in 1964 when I first heard “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles. After listening to that and the flip side of the 45 RPM, “I Saw Her Standing There” hundreds of times, I literally remember feeling an electricity in the air that something was changing in our world (as much as I could at age 12). I am 68 now and, after listening to Angelina Jordan sing, I feel that same electricity once again. We know the impact that The Beatles had (and still have) on the world, and I truly feel that Angelina could be as influential as them. She is destined to be a superstar!

  39. Hey would u like to response to the live performance of Mandy Harvey singing Release Me, I know its little bit out of date but still curious with your vocal analize

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