All of My LPS Persian Cats!

hey guys it's Hannah here and I am now finally after a lot of requests going to show you all of my Persian cats yup finally and not to brag at all I have a lot of Persian cats like unknowingly I have a lot because I don't even I don't really like collect them so I don't know how I got so many but I I did so I will try not to be too slow with these so that the video won't be too long and I suggest we get right to it so yeah let's start as always I will show you them in the order as I've got them but the difference with the Persian cats is that there's two types of them so I will do the first type first and the second one well second so here goes the first one so this was my very first Persian cat and I must say I really like her but I I kinda always looked at her as one of these like sassy ladies or I don't know like I mean those eyes next one is this one so personally this is not one of my favorite Persian cats I mean she's cute and all well all of the Persian cats are but I got it with this package of like ten pets or something I don't really remember but well I can just say that she was not the reason why I got that package next wine needs this one this Persian cat I really love I don't really know why like this kind of plane like she's all purple which is these purple is gorgeous but I think I love her most because of her eyes she has these orange eyes and they're just adorable but she's adorable I just this purple and that orange I guess together it's just magic next one is this one this one I've always kind of looked at her as a mom she looks Kenna mommy ish hey that's the word next one is this one this one I got in a trade when I traded a one or two years ago I can't really remember but I remember that I really loved like she has these two pink flowers on her cheek and she has well purple eyes pretty much says it all doesn't it Hey next up bees this one I don't know what what it is about this one but I just I just really really like this cat and I also got her in a trade when I traded and I don't know I actually I have no idea why I like this one so much I just do for some reason next one is this one this could probably be my favorite Persian cat and I just think she is so so adorable she also has a little pink flower there and purple eyes and she is all light yellow and pink and yellow and purple are pretty much my favorite colors so especially together and that's probably why I love this one so much next up is this one she's one of the older Persian cats or older LPS / – and well like this old LPs are not really my favorite ones I don't I don't really know why they just aren't the person yet I just showed you and the ones that came out the same like years as Hurley those are like I love those but these months with this kind of matte eyes and then I think they're really good you can really use them for good stuff in videos but then usually not my favorite type of LPS next up is this one I love this Persian cat because of its really unique design and color this kind of brownish color is really different from most obvious and this design on its forehead it's just really gorgeous and I think this cat like looks kinda like fancy she looks really really pretty I really love this one next one is this one as you might see these two look kind of alike well this might either slight differences and this is the last person cat I got that's with this design well this kind of Persian cat I said there's two different different types I really like this one and I guess the biggest difference between this one and they're the one that like a psycho twin is the eye color and this one has like this tu eyes another one is purple I can't decide which one I like more because I kind of really love them both so the second type of Persian cats look like this and this was my very first Persian cat that looks like this and I actually traded this one from my cousin I remember I really love this one and she she is really cute actually and I remember I used her in nightmare code life as Jason's mom next one is this one this one I remember getting from a blind bag after seeing it in like videos I really wanted this cat and then when I finally found those blind eyes I remember searching and you know feeling the bags to find this one and I did and I remember I was so happy next up is this one this one oh my gosh I love this one seriously I remember like when this one was new I was for some reason I didn't like this one very much but then later I fell in love with her she has like she's a postcard Pat first of all and she has this adorable blue flowers and there's like clouds I I kind of look at the whitest clouds and this is like rainbows almost I don't know I just love the designs on her she is so so adorable next one is this one to me this could be one of the very few and guy Persian cats personally I think this could be a guy and it doesn't have an eye lashes maybe that's why but I just it could be but it could also be a girl so to me it's like to be both next one is this one got this one in a trade also back then when I traded and I remember I wanted this one for a long time but I might buy a new one now because I want one that's in perfect condition because this one is really cute next wine needs this she kind of looks a little like the last one I showed you but she is purple and yeah she also has this brown eyes I think LPS's with brown eyes is kind of rare like most of yes they have like blue eyes maybe green eyes but most I have blue I would say next to peace this wine I think this one is most known from LPS lovers videos as aunt Harley and I actually I don't know how long ago but over a year ago I made a video for this level using this one and it was the videos called on Harley orders a burger so kind of comedy short I would say and the next one is this a couple years ago I didn't know that this LPS existed I was not really I didn't really know a lot about the older LPS s but when I finally found this one like it videos I was I kind of fell in love with her and I searched on eBay and then I found her in good condition and I was so happy I don't know what it's about her she also kind of reminds me of like a mom she has this mommy face for some reason I love she looks like a really loving mother next one is this one this Persian cat I named her citrus because of her really really yellow a fur color and well she kind of reminds me of a lemon next one is this one also one of the older ones and I think this one I think I think this one is a guy actually yeah next one I got from a friend and it's this one it's kind of a bad condition but it's used and as I said I got from a friend still I think that this was one of the very first Persian cats so it's really old and next one is this one I actually got this one from affront to the same friend in fact as the last one and I think I think I read somewhere that this one is really rare it I think it's a bonus pad from somewhere and yeah I think he also looks kinda mommy ish and for some reason she kind of reminds me of an angel next and last one is this one I remember when I first got this one that I was thinking oh I'm gonna trade this one but lately well I've kind of collecting the sparkle pets because I love sparkles or things that sparkle whatever and so well things I decided to collect those I kept this one because or else I would just have to buy her all over again so yeah but she she has some really strange colors there's this orange and this purple and this kind of green eyes and pink and it's kind of mixed colors that I personally don't think go well together but yeah matches she's special and I like special so there you have it before I end this video I would just like to ask you all something and I would love it if you answer it – of course so here's the case it's now been over a year since I first posted the very first all of my past video so this series if that's what you want to call it has now been going on for over a year well yeah thank you guys so much for keep watching these videos it means a lot anyhow the very first all MLPs video that I posted was all of my LPS destiny cats which are well cats that look like this and when I first made that video I had just started collecting these type of cats which means I didn't have that many of them at least not that many compared to how many there are and now I have like more than twice as many destiny cats as I had back then so their question is would you want me to do a remake video or rather update video on all of my destiny cats and like all the other old ones in fact to that I since I posted the first all of my LPS videos I have got a lot more LPS for example the Destiny cats the Hollies the dachshunds the shorter cats I have a lot more of those than those videos show and I just feel like it would be fair if I made a new video showing all the ones I have now so I just wondering if you guys would want to see that because if you don't then I will not make those of course this won't mean that I'll remove their old ones I will just make a new video and like call it updated or something so no videos will be removed don't worry I'm pretty positive that I will do the Destiny cats update one because well destiny cats are kind of my thing like my mascot right here destiny and I named I will mind her I call them destiny cats because of her and well they are just really special to me okay so all I wanted to say I think is said so thank y'all for watching and I'll see you soon you

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  1. The Persian cats are my favourite , I sent my only one away which is sad . But I’ll be getting 4 more in a trade package ❤️😋

  2. I have this one cream-colored Persian with turquoise eyes, but I have no idea where she came from. I remember her being in a package of some kind with other pets, but I don’t remember what (I feel like she came with a jigsaw puzzle?). I can’t even find her on the Lps Merch site. What’s more confusing is that when I look for the other pets she came with, it says they were only featured in sets separate from one another and/or with pets that I don’t have. I never traded lps with anyone, and it was before I even knew people sold them on eBay (in fact I think it was a present from a family-friend, who more than likely bought it at the store).

  3. Does anybody know how rare the postcard pets are? Especially the shorthair cat one, i have that one 😊

  4. Hanna do you still trade cause if you do ….. I got some Lps that I know you don’t have one I think is rare but if you want to trade I got them! I hope we can trade

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