ALEGRIA – The Story Behind The MUSIC | Official Series: A Wind Of Change

Alegría♪ – It’s a legendary show.
– Yeah. Like we both feel like
it’s such a huge honor for us to even be considered.Alegríais the biggest hit
ofCirque du Soleil. Today, we’re recording the vocal
track of theAlegríasong. It’s a risky task. ♪ Alegría, Como la luz de la vida, Alegría, Come un assalto di gioia ♪ Can you try to play the inspiration
forAlegríaI asked you to compose? That’s exactly whatAlegríais, you see? OK, thanks. I noted it. You see the direction
we’re taking, right? Now, we’re getting somewhere. Finally, it’s crystal clear. Obviously, since Alegría is the biggest hit
ofCirque du Soleil, we wanted to draw upon
René Dupéré’s music, which is truly breathtaking, with melodies people still
remember 25 years later. So, Jean-Phi is revisiting and
rearranging René’s music. They both met several times and
René loves what we’re doing. Our objective is to update
all of that a little, so we’re spending lots of time
taking the songs apart. We have the original song, then I kind of break it down and put it back
together differently. What inspires me? It’s pretty much case by case. Sometimes, it can be
a description from Jean-Guy, the director, who explains the setting for me. He uses a lot of gestures
when explaining things. Then it turns into
a more techno sound. Sometimes it’s the acrobatic act to which a song will be paired. As this point of the creative process, I look around and draw
inspiration from acrobatic acts. But then there’s also some back-and-forth between acrobats and the soundtrack, so I tweak things a bit
to really bring out the emotions, so that both elements
enhance each other. Today, we’re recording the vocal track
of theAlegríasong. That’s something, right? So yeah, this is our first time. Yes, it’s our first
time singing together and we were really happy when we met. It was like, immediate connection there. – Holà.
– Holà. We’re recording Irene and Virginia
at the same time. We’re trying both
at the same time. Because at this point, there’s a kind of battle, or… Yeah, let’s call it a battle. They’re squaring off against
each other a little, but they’re actually
complementing each other. ♪ Come la rabbia di amar ♪ ♪ There is a love in me raging. ♪ ♪ Come la rabbia di amar ♪ ♪ There is a love in me raging. ♪Alegríait’s, it’s talking
about resilience, that’s what we,
we’re talking about and, you can be stronger if
you balance yourself. So I think the black and the white fold… Balance each other, yeah. …in the gray color,
you know, it’s like… Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah we, we hug like one. Together is better,
we are one, we are one. ♪Alegría♪ ♪Alegría♪ Here, one, two. ♪Alegría Como la luz de la vida Alegría Come un lampo di vita Alegría Del delittuoso grido De la tristeza loca Seren Come la rabbia di amar Alegría Come un assalto di gioia ♪ The fact that he’s rearranging the tunes,
it’s a risky task, but we both think that
he’s doing an amazing job and he’s really paying justice
to the DNA of the show and whatAlegríameans and should be, nowadays, at least. That’s the one, I think. It takes about seven or eight
takes before we get the best one. I think this is the best one. ♪ A joyous, magical feeling. ♪ Euh… – Let’s do one more, let’s do one more.
– More, one more, one more, one more. OK, OK. One more time. Today, we brought all the elements
together for the first time, with all their various
colours and textures. Boom! Oh sh…
That guy’s really good. It’s the real deal. Every time the costume
comes back, there’s something a little
different about it. So then you… It’s always,
it’s always evolving, yeah.

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  1. Thank you for sharing everything about creating this beautiful show. Everything becomes possible with you.

  2. Despite all the initial apprehension of some people, Alegria In A New Light turned to be a fantastic show! There's nothing less we could expect from Cirque du Soleil 🙂

  3. Alegria is one of my fav songs of all time (and I actually sing it myself when I am alone lol), so I hope this music becomes available through iTunes. I want to hear the whole song of this new version, it sounds awesome!

  4. Still my favourite Cirque show, mainly because of the music! such a great soundtrack, i bought it straight after i saw the show many many years ago now.

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