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atheon Crockett ravening money-saving this plant got only verse on it that's told me what you know don't let it go it's when I wrote that's the one you got out of a mine so freakin out of my mind out of my mind so take him out of my mind yo yo DUP that might have been that I was a little concerned to for you because I know some people take jokes way too seriously yeah I think Cory might be mad unlike malossi he is not your little set a peanut man – it might be bad – but you know what I'm gonna say it right now I'm a straight fan like Cory's my favorite young rapper writer uh-huh that mixtape son of a gun that heard it yeah yeah I'm riding to that joy right now yeah he's he's crazy lyrically and I've heard him grow because I told him I said before I used to think you just reading out of a rhyming dictionary and just saying words yeah now I hear the growth like you telling stories he's going inside of his painless mom and all that kind of stuff so I'm a fan Cory Gunz thanks oh yeah you know what yeah sound like you instigate yes what sound like me oh oh oh yoga you gotta set it up feet of guns set up homie Pete we just walked in the building what's good with a hoodie like it's ready it's ready to go down yo what's up Peter gods in the building a round of applause man what's up Pete I know nigga like spitting like mad years trying to get my shit my son popping you like playing games when he's like seriously – are you really mad about it fucking right man – help that's the stink of it he's me now I was all funny games when I was like a parody Pete that's not what we do though I took something in news too many years building this shit but it's not gonna get on Anatomy yeah then Corey don't punish it funny on it I'm a fan your sudden service welfare knowing I collect fan talk seriously man that's it is like imagine being his agency in this shit not I mean what we do we stripping his naked pistol-whip and make him do the dougie well I know you do that so like I mean we can open that door seriously man it's not a foxhole coreos glue that I spoke to cord I told him about get the nig on when you get a waterfall on the phone man give him the biggest phone or we say he know nothing about this man you know it is telling the brings phones you see the text messages yo Pete I saw y'all do it in the DMS I'm gonna tell ya I knew was a sketch video or his same Oh yesterday oh come in uh you gotta fight you got kind of tight no you got a little shoot break it swaying the man Shane flew borrow scared is no rapping good

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  1. U cannot be a gangsta when u on celebrity couple counseling and love n hiphop n all this reality tv garbage

  2. Hush gunz stop with the gang bs LOL that shit was funny haha gettin buck fo no reason haha

  3. Cory guns is nasty. Mad lyrical. Been a fan from the first song I heard from him called "comfort and joy". Mad lyrical.

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