Acoustic Delta Blues Guitar – Me and the Devil Blues Robert Johnson Cover

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Guitar Lessons – Robert Johnson – Blues Music Music –
Me and the Devil

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  1. There is just something about this music that makes sense. Sounds just perfect guys. I left you a video response of an original song. Not on your level but let me know what you think. Check out my channel for some original bluesy stuff. Keep it up. CHEERS!

  2. You know when somethings so good, ya just have to laugh! Well… I laughed! Thanks!
    Sooo good! I wanna be like you guys when i grow up!

  3. best version of this song i have heard and its my favorite song so…..great job gentleman,
    greatly appreciate it…

  4. What a find. Just stumbling around on UTUBE when I found this. It's my "find of the month". This really is excellent…how'd you get that good of a sound recording quality….carry on boys, the music is good. Makes me wanna take a shot of moonshine and throw a beer bottle at a cop car…

  5. Serious? That was from a canon camera? You can hear every lick. And those are some excellent licks and vocals too. Good blues, boyZ. I was just kidding about throwing beer bottles at cop cars. I make a little noise on guitar too. Strangest thing. I've been playing for 40 years, every single day for about 3 hours. I am not even coffee shop material for open mike night. I'm just horrible. Not trying to be humble. It's the truth. I stink. Oddly, it's one of the few things that I've tried that I c

  6. thanks, after finding this video i really want to learn some blues stuff on guitar, it fills me with joy a passion for music when i find things like this cheers guys.

  7. I just wanted to let you guys know you inspired me to get into the blues, most importantly the Robert Johnson style of blues you guys play. He is my very favorite of all time. Thanks mates!

  8. Hi Michael – that's what we like to hear! Really pleased we inspired you – keep on truckin' and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Jim and Ken

  9. Awesome. I came here for the finger-picking guitar and stayed for the kickass bluesy vocals and harp. I kept thinking, 'he looks so much like Larry David, wouldn't that be funny if he was Larry in disguise', like John Belushi in the Blues Brothers.

  10. Hello, Sirs. I have played guitar since I was 9 years old. I am in my late 30's now. And I mostly focused on Spanish classical guitar. I've recently (in the past few years) gotten into folk, bluegrass, and blues, but I have been very amateurish in my attempts. This song somehow has been the turning point for me and now it seems to click. Then I chanced upon your video and I am further inspired to keep at the practice to play this type of music. Thank you for posting this fabulous video.

  11. Thanks a lot for your kind comment – it's the kind of thing that I really, really like. If these videos encourages people to learn more blues, that's fantastic.


  12. The same goes here for a 9 year old latin guitar player, who ever since he heard you playing "so much trouble" has become inspired by you and wishes to follow your steps. He loves it!!! =)

  13. I really appreciate your work through all your videos Jim. I'm a harmonica and blues fingerpicking guitar player, and this inspires me very much. Do you happen to do skype or personal videos? 
    Thank you

  14. You guys are pretty good actually. Thanks for putting your music up and keep up the good work. You sound like you're really enjoying your music.

  15. From one guitar guy to another – love your channel. Music is the key to humanity!! Hope my channel resonates for you and subscribe! I'd love to have your comments/feedback about my work.

  16. Me and the Devil
    Gil Scott-Heron
    Early this morning
    When you knocked upon my door
    Early this morning
    When you knocked upon my door
    And I say: hello satan
    I believe, it's time to go
    Me and the devil
    Walking side by side
    Me and the devil
    Walking side by side
    And I'm gonna see my woman
    'til I get satisfied
    See see, you don't see why
    Like you'a dog me 'round
    Say, I don't see why
    People dawging me around
    It must be that old evil spirit
    That spirit drop me down in your ground
    You may bury my body
    Down by the highway side
    You may bury my body
    Down by the highway side
    So my old evil spirit
    Can greyhound bus that ride

  17. I enjoy the video!
    Good stuff!
    Keep putting out more vids!
    Nice content!
    Enjoyed it!
    Pretty nice!
    Had a fantastic time watching!

  18. Thanks so much for leaving comments. Checkout my complete lessons pack here

  19. Awesome I really dig it! I am going to try and save up and get the course you do Jim, I just watched the previews and intro on your website and I’m beyond sold on it. The problem is I’m a musician by trade and neither my parents or girlfriend (or her parents for that matter) are rich so needless to say I am beyond broke right now and pretty much always. I know it’s only 60$ or something right now but since the band I had been touring in for 6 years pretty much non stop broke up I’ve been struggling to make ends meet. Trying to make it work as a solo artist has been tough even when the old band had a decenish fan base. Aw jezz now you got me cryin’ the blues too. Sorry about that, carry on. Guess I’m gonna have to get a job so I can get that course. I think I’m gonna write a song about that right now in fact. The old “Musicians Gotta Take a Minimum Wage Job Cuz His Parents and Girlfriend Aren’t Rich Blues”. Haha seriously though great pickin’ and great harp as well.

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