Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons – Robert Johnson – Me and The Devil Blues

how to play acoustic blues guitar do demand Yahoo well as well install do yeah yeah do do yes yes what can solve this home do sad me my getting his head done and does she will modulate yeah did he spare any words yeah the setting up yeah yeah does lead more do yeah yeah yeah yeah it mmm and do hmm do hi do knows me some years ago playing with cannondale can dissolve the before Muharram only two players in the
UK even though room Johnson by is in my favorite lose
my mind he means I think they’re all other more creative
people his music is so powerful I love included
two or three more to our still do today this from me the
devil is played in the key a and really if you complete long song in the queue
people Robert Johnson you complete all you can find this is
everywhere how to clean the devil the Robert
Johnson songs but how do you prove on that special
ingredient how to make this this stuff really come alive that’s what
we’re going to take a look at today later on who sometimes in detail this
next clue acoustic blues guitar lessons is a video sent to be by soon party loot
love in vain from on my lessons he’s developing this
special ingredient that special something that you don’t get from the
township pickle me the this %uh hmm there is no Yahoo the weekend you my the the Madden hmm your room my hands no home now doom training I’m burdens changing lemme the are we turned around before he
starts to check the dual United his wash out the list is are you
playing those losing and I am unfortunately we don’t have any film Johnson playing we have some photographs recently a photograph was honest showing
in with Johnny shines and Johnny Sean actually to johnson’s the travel around playing from town to
town in this picture we can see Johnny shines Robert Johnson Robert
Johnson’s on the left he’s easy to imagine how these guys
lived two young men traveling around on
Greyhound buses or jumping a freight train I’m playing from town to town it was
probably a wildlife learn acoustic blues guitar now to play this music in the same way
you should bring out a bit if your own wildness now don’t tell me that you have a
wall-sized yes you have it’s there I know it is we don’t have video or film johnson’s style we can get a good idea by watching
johnnie sounds play 0 %uh in this clip Johnny shines is playing Sweet Home Chicago in the queue be bill
and more interested in his hands how is holding his right hand in this
way we can get a good idea of how Robert Johnson really play because they were they were from the
same area may travel together you can see you one finger and many many master blues man just use
one finger if you use two fingers tends to pull you away from the original
and textile so it’s worth thinking about I’ll his
other fingers are passed to the soundboard but they move around then not rigidly
fixed him on his bomb the place higher at the frat bro to make
the guitar sound nice and sweet in this is a powerful technique used by
many many blues diffusion of India sometimes you have to
move on quickly refused to things instead you tend to
lose a authentic feel authentic sound they were looking for
blues music through this video you see at my cap on the first right to
have it my but if you can always choose now normal aptitude so we look at the top issue you
can basically more let’s take a look at the evolution
to me and the devil blues the start to the introduction with
Andrew down from 37 shape right on on threat not normally this might be tapped in this way go you me who down to the long HD when I do is I think the century started right down we should be on the the second fret loss little to none this
online the same time my phone is keeping that
be but it’s not just keeping warm stream
summertime base 19 2003 Street the same time media crime strike damping happened on you have to use some control sounds good mess weekend take my hand in
close know just how I keep mine my palm very close to the strings just in front
of the bridge now so Astro I’m just drawn up onto the street it
becomes automatic out for a while and don’t worry was trimmed bushes here
and there looking for fanning out this is the Blues nothing we could do is to give the prior art on moving news movie The Kids Are all the the SRO was given a little and all three strings it’s not like this acoustic guitar tuition is quite a subtle sound leaders 10+2 to making well I go you sell by so we go to the room now of he is happy food you theme now what are the ways you can leave your
music more interesting this YouTube include variations you can in that last part we think this you will simply this you you can vary each time you play make it
a little bit little bit different every time and now
we go down from eighty mmm for the he said we his attack mission here again we can try and make this a little
different by introducing the stroke that from the hey you how to play blues guitar acoustic the man

18 Replies to “Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons – Robert Johnson – Me and The Devil Blues”

  1. Great video, as always! Jim I've heard about RJ using his own special tuning for some songs, do you happen to have any videos about this? Thanks for everything I really like what you're doing on youtube!

  2. Hi – don't know a lot about this kind of thing I'm afraid, but I'll check around. As far as I know he used standard, open G and dropped d – if anyone out there know, please post it.

    I bet Woody Mann or deltabluestips will know

  3. Walkin' With The Devil – Free Robert Johnson Guitar Lesson

  4. oh man i would have loved to see that whole song you two were just doing.. Did you ever upload the whole two man jam? that was one of the best i have come across with depth

  5. i've got some old vinyl shines albums. He definitely mastered Johnson's sound. Hearing him on electric guitar with walter horton playing terraplane blues etc etc is about as good as it gets to my ears. So glad someone mentioned Shines as a way to learn RJ.And really great to hear someone play with a harp accompaniment. Thats what I imagine he did all the time back in his day..jammed with others. We just have a few recordings of Johnson that everyone religiously tries to clone note for note. I imagine he was nervous as hell on those recordings and only playing a fraction of what he could really play when he was in the zone..great vid

  6. that RJ and Johnny Shine pic has been debunked or Johnny Shines wore blouses. RJ played in standard Open E open G and dropped D like we all should be able to do.

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