100 Replies to “80’s Music Video – SNL”

  1. Ugly. Unfunny. Donald Glover is overrated. And a hypocrite. Talking about black rights and sleeping with that ugly ass white girl

  2. Perfect example of how to kill a joke. Should have stopped when it was clear she doesn't know who he is. You fail at comedy when the original thing you're parodying is funnier than the skit.

  3. Lmao even though alot of songs were catchy back then, alot of those songs were simpish and stalkerish.

    I remember this song too. I always crack up how dated his trash talking at the end of the song sounds. 😆

  4. I was born in 95 and I honestly like this type of music over a lot of the newer shit that's played on repeat over the radio. It's just so repetitive half the time with absolutely no meaningful lyrics. Don't get me wrong not all of the songs are bad but many are. It's just the same shit over and over and don't even get me started on this whole mumble rap shit.

  5. This is so funny. They have her in a pink dress and hairstyle the same. This is a take of Oran Juice “The Rain”

  6. Lol funny thing is that I just got finished watching orange juice Jones I saw you and him lol makes this so much better

  7. That awkward pause Donald Glover makes when Cecily tells him this is a case of mistaken identity feels like a hilarious eternity, something about just how he stares into space.

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