【Pt channel】勝手気ままな裏RADIO【#1】

N:Let’s begin with our first episode of “Happy-go-lucky Underground Radio”! P:Okay. N:Aren’t you even the slighest bit curious about what this we’re doing here? P:What’s going on? N:So basically last time you were shown in 3D, but for “reasons beyond our control” you have been changed into your alter-2D-ego. P:Reasons? P:So you ran out of money? N:Lack of funding..yea…umm yea, I guess that’s the case. N:But to be more precise, all the recording/editing took A LOT of time. N:Everyone worked on this channel during their free time between developing games. N:So we had to come up with a way to still provide top notch content, but at a fraction of the cost. P:So we’re taking the cheap route. N:Yes, the cheaper way. P:Uhuh. N:To explain what we’re doing here a bit more in-depth,
if you consider the 3D version of you to be the main content,
this talk show will supplement the stuff talked about over there. N:This video will help our viewers understand us more as well as our company. P:I see. P:And you think it’s okay to just invite everyone behind the scenes? N:It should be okay right? Today’s youth is used to everything being out in the open anyway. P:So we’re putting it all out there… And you’re taking responsibility? N:Erm…let’s not linger on this for too long! 
Talking about this will start pushing some of our viewers away. P:How about you actually talk about today’s topic? N:So today’s topic…! So the big announcement was made! P:Was something announced? What was it? N:Astral Chain P:Oh, that thing. I think I saw it online somewhere. N:You saw it on the web…
Umm, indeed, it was shown all over the web…though I’ve only seen a small bit of it. N:Do you know who made it? P:No clue. N:Do you know Taura-san? P:Never heard of the dude. N:Oh you know him! N:It’s the same guy that worked on NieR:Automata. P:What’s a NieR? N:Wait wait, you don’t know NieR:Automata? N:You can almost say that it’s our moneymaker. N:The uncanny collaboration between the storytelling of Yoko Taro and PlatinumGames’ action! P:What’s a Yoko Taro? N:Oh, you don’t know Yoko Taro either? P:No clue. N:So there’s this pretty awesome game called NieR: Automata
…and a bunch of people seem to like it… …and our handsome Taura-san, who worked hard on NieR, is now working on Astral Chain! P:So what kind of game is it? N:Umm….about the game…. P:Are you not allowed to talk about it?
Are they gonna yell at you? N:Yea, I can’t really talk too much about – I’ll take some heat for that. N:Eventually the publisher will release more information on that title. P:Who’s publishing it? N:You know, the one in Kyoto… P:That sounds suspicious. N:No! There’s nothing suspicious about the publisher. P:Uhuh. N:So… that about brings us to the end of this first episode. P:Wait, we’re out of time? N:Yea, that’s it! N:Moving forward, next time let’s talk about games like Astral Chain…and we haven’t even started talking about the company. P:We’re gonna do another cheap one? N:Yep, try to keep costs low. N:Well, make sure to hit that subscribe and see you next time! Bye bye. “Happy-go-lucky Underground Radio”
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  1. It's crazy that Astral Chain is coming out six months after it was announced. I'm way too used to games taking years to come out after their announcement.

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